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Since 2003 Griffith has offered a leadership development program for women in both academic and administrative roles. This program is part of the suite of leadership activities offered by Griffith to support its leaders and aspiring leaders. The Women in Leadership Program (HEW 9 and above) allows participants to learn from successful leaders and network with fellow aspiring leaders.

This dynamic and comprehensive leadership program has a number of core workshops covering key areas including career design, personal branding, governance and management, and career decisions. In addition, participants will be supported through the mentoring program, executive job shadowing series, elective internal leadership program options, and ongoing networking. Participant's supervisors will also be engaged to support their participation in the Women in Leadership program.

In 2014, The Leneen Forde Future Leaders Program was launched to complement the existing Women in Leadership offering. The Leneen Forde Future Leaders Program is a more targeted program, aimed at senior female academic and general staff.

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2020 Women in Leadership Program

  • Launch Event: with the previous cohort of Women in Leadership program participants
  • Supervisor Webinar: Participant's supervisors will be engaged on how to support staff to complement the Women in Leadership program learnings
  • Mentoring Workshop: this workshop will help program participants to make the most out of their mentoring opportunities
  • Designing a Fulfilling Career Workshop: this workshop will help to clarify your future career direction and implement positive steps to enhance your career including; the changed context of career, motivation and meaningful work, connectedness, and adaptability
  • Personal Branding Workshop: this workshop will address key areas including; personal branding and career positioning, presence, image and influence
  • Governance and Management Workshop: this workshop will explore key University processes including; corporate governance, Executive Group and day-to-day University management, government accountability, and budget cycles
  • Career Decisions Panel: this panel will bring together leaders from across the University to discuss their personal experience with career decisions and crossroads

Participants will be supported throughout their Women in Leadership program experience through the following:

  • Mentoring Program - all program participants will be strategically matched with a mentor
  • Executive Job Shadowing Series - core job shadowing series with a range of staff at Director/Head of School level
  • Elective Leadership Program Selection - participants can elect to engage in internal leadership learning and development programs

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