Who is this program for

This program will be conducted for a cohort of approximately 24 nominated current and aspiring supervisors/managers.

The focus will be on developing your management capability in a modular program of workshops.

About this program

The program aims to:

  • communicate the University's expectations of managers
  • strengthen managers' capacity to manage themselves, resources and people and value individual difference and diversity
  • engage managers with organisational policy and practice
  • prepare managers to work with and manage a changing environment
  • build partnerships and collaborative working relationships using a cross-university network of peers
  • support continuous learning and development through the exchange of ideas and experiences through informal and structured activities

Through this systematic approach we aim to build capability and influence culture in line with the core values and strategic direction of the University.

As a participant you will be introduced to a variety of approaches, tools and profiles that can be applied in the workplace including:

  • practical tools for problem solving and communication
  • team development, performance and engagement
  • change and transition
  • establishing boundaries and neutralising situations

You will develop your staff management skills with a particular emphasis on building your personal profile and reflection and applying your learning back in the workplace though the use of a series of models and tools.

Session details

Modules will offer participants an opportunity to build their toolbox, develop a profile of themselves by completing a variety of profile questionnaires, participate in case studies discussions, time to review and reflect on their learning and the opportunity to network and build a community with their peers.

DiSC Profile: Successful nominees will be asked to complete prior to Module 1 an online DiSC questionnaire. Participants will then receive an Everything DiSC circumplex profile which includes comprehensive information on how their DiSC style relates to each of the styles, along with strategies to increase adaptability and relationship effectiveness in Module 1.

Participants will increase their digital capabilities using PebblePad as part of the Pre-Post Reflection process. Participants will also work in a team focused Action Learning Project built throughout the program.

Participants will then be involved in a number of structured workshops over a period of approximately four months.

The topics covered include: Management and Leadership, High Performance Teams, Managing Change, Managing Difficult Situations, Managing the Team Environment.

2020 Schedule

It is an expectation that participants commit to attending all 5 workshops. Participants will receive a Digital Badge on Completion of the program.

1 Management and Leadership May - Wednesday 6 May Nathan
2 High Performance Teams May - Wednesday 27 May Logan
3 Managing Change June - Wednesday 17 June Gold Coast
4 Managing Difficult Situations July - Wednesday 15 July Mt Gravatt
5 Managing the Team Environment August - Wednesday 5 August Nathan

Workshops are 9 am to 4 pm, with Peer Networking from 8.30 am.

Nomination process and deadline

Nominations have now closed for the 2020 Program. Register your Interest for future offerings

Nominations are invited, and individuals (team leaders/current supervisors) should complete the Nomination Form after discussions with their direct supervisor.
Senior managers are also invited to identify potential participants, and ask them to complete the nomination form.
For further information or questions about the program please contact hr-leadership@griffith.edu.au

About the Facilitators

Chris Reilly

Senior HR Adviser (Learning and Development)

People and Wellbeing | Corporate Services

Chris has been working in Human Resources for over 25 years and has been coordinating the general staff development and leadership programs during the last 15 years. She is accredited in the Disc Profile and Team Management Systems profile.

Jon Morgan

External Consultant

Principal, Foresight Consulting

Jon is a specialist facilitator who has worked with participants in a variety of development workshops in almost all areas of the industry. He has conducted management development programs within Griffith and a range of organisations including other universities.

Jon's senior management experience is supported by an Advanced Masters degree in Management and a degree in Marketing.

Peter Bryant

Vice President (Corporate Services)

We welcome Peter to share his insights with participants in Module 1 on Management and Leadership at Griffith.

There will be a number of guest speakers invited to various modules to highlight insights into the topic of the day.

Feedback from previous participants

This was a great experience - it provided an opportunity to put into practice learnings gathered from the different modules. The action learning groups allowed the participants to reflect on our communication styles.

Bringing the DiSC profile to different situations with colleagues, and really trying to take a step back and analyzing why some relationships are more functional than other - knowing that only I have the power to change them and that there are tools to better even the most difficult working relationships.

I am grateful to have been included in this program. Stepping out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion allowed me to understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Communication is very important with your team.

One of my biggest goals with this course was to learn leadership skills that could be applied to situations where I was not in any kind of authority position. During the course of the program I learned a whole range of things such as: - understanding my own behaviour and how I can work out others' motivations and adapt my behaviour to get the best out of them - how to have difficult conversations that are productive and positive using some basic methodology - how to influence people I have no authority over which as someone who is not a manager but deals with people across the University every day, is very useful.

The Managing at Griffith Program was a great opportunity to work closely with other managers across Griffith. By our facilitators combining key theory with practical, hands on activities, I was able to learn more about myself as a team member and a manager and walk away with practical skills that I have already been able to implement in my role.

This was a fantastic program, there was a good balance between theory and practice and it was useful to hear from other managers within the university. The tools and techniques learnt throughout this program are highly relevant and it was great to learn about the support available at Griffith for managers/team leaders/supervisors.

The program is designed in such a way that apart from other valuable information, by using extremely useful tools such as 'Everything DISC Management' it allows the participants to expand their knowledge and give them a better understanding of their team member's behavioural patterns and personalities.  Consequently such findings can be used by managers to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of those concerned which can be put to good use and ultimately will enhance the team's overall performance.  Personally this program gave me a chance to confirm my understanding of various managerial as well as general strategies which I am already using to the best of my ability.

I found DISC very beneficial in knowing about myself and others. The change model helped me map out a plan when introducing changes to the work environment, and some strategies to think about when others are resistant to change.

The Managing at Griffith program not only provided me with tools which I can use with my team, but also allowed me to form a network of Griffith employees who I can call on for trusted assistance.

Loved the program, and feel very inspired having completed it

One of the best programs you can do if you are looking at becoming or are a Team Leader/Supervisor at Griffith.

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