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Leadership defined by you and shaped by capability

It is widely recognised that leaders have a critical Impact on the success of an organisation, as well as the people who work within it. Have you heard the saying ‘people don’t leave jobs they leave bosses’? How about, ‘a leader is a person you will follow to a place you would not go by yourself’?

While being a leader can be an incredibly rewarding experience, it can also be a complex and challenging one, and require mastery of a different set of skills to those that were important in other roles. And the skills that make leaders effective can vary, depending on whether the leader is responsible for leading themselves, supervising a colleague, leading a team, leading a large school or element, or leading an entire institution.

Building leadership capability in academic and professional leaders and aspiring leaders is a critical priority from Our People Plan and fundamental to our combined future success as an innovative university. The Learning and Development team offer a range of leadership development programs, tailored around the skills that make leaders effective at different leadership stages, to support leaders and aspiring leaders in this rewarding but challenging role.

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Griffith Programs

Women in Leadership

A leadership development program for women in both academic and administrative roles. This program is part of the suite of leadership activities offered by Griffith to support its leaders and aspiring leaders.

Manager as Coach

Manager as Coach aims to develop the ability and confidence of current managers and supervisors in providing supportive, developmental and impactful feedback that encourages high performance and professional development in others.

Managing at Griffith

A program for current general staff supervisors/managers, the focus will be on developing your management capability in a module program of workshops. Nominations now open.

Manager & Supervisor Hacks for High Performance

Managers and supervisors have a significant impact on individual and team performance in their organisations. This self-directed and online program of learning comprising reading lists and short courses will help you to understand how to bring out the best performance in your employees and your team.

Executive Coaching

Different leaders can face very different challenges in their careers, depending on their experience, character traits, and unique skills. Executive coaching is a development program for senior academic and professional leaders who want to work with an experienced and qualified leadership coach to uncover their unique leadership strengths and development opportunities.

The Leneen Forde Future Leaders Program

The Leneen Forde Future Leaders Program will support the development of women who are succeeding in leadership roles and who we hope will seek to further their leadership contributions in the future.

Executive Leaders Masterclass

Senior leaders at Griffith face a number of unique challenges as they lead their functions through times of significant change and transition. These Executive masterclasses are designed to bring together our senior professional and academic leaders in an informal and collegial environment to learn and share some of the leadership skills that will support them to succeed.

Remarkable Leadership Speaker Series

The Remarkable Leadership Speaker Series is a new leadership development and networking opportunity for academic and professional senior leaders across the University.

Leading Digital Transformation

Designed for senior academic and professional leaders this program provides a better understanding of the digital disruption environment.

Senior Leadership Conference

This three day off-site conference brings together academic and professional senior leaders across the University to discuss and shape the strategic priorities of the University over the coming year.

Academic Leaders' Forum

This bi-annual forum is delivered by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and is designed to bring together senior academic leaders across the University to discuss and shape some of the current and emerging strategic priorities of the University.

Leading in the Digital Age

As we move toward a world where everything that can be connected will be connected, and automated, digital disruption is set to accelerate. ​ This online program will equip you with the mindset, skills and tools to make sense of this change and encourage a culture that embraces it.

Aspiring Leaders Hub

The Aspiring Leaders Hub is an online resource hub that aspiring managers or leaders can use to better understand the role and responsibilities of leadership and to make a more informed choice to develop and pursue a leadership role (coming soon).

Boundary Spanning Leadership

Boundary Spanning Leadership focuses on six boundary spanning practices including creating safety, fostering respect and building trust.

Talent Conversations

This workshop provides tools to prepare for and facilitate effective talent conversations by using CCL’s development frameworks.

Academic Supervisor Workshops

This workshop is tailored for supervisors of academic staff to enhance their skills in navigating the ASCD performance framework, facilitating performance conversations and assisting your supervisees to develop and achieve their career goals. The focus for this workshop will be on developing your supervisor skills in a coaching framework.

Leadership level resources

For resources from the full catalogue matched directly to your leadership level, visit the Leadership level resources page.

Resources by Leadership level

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