Velocity Project is a 12 week active learning program that is designed to build your collaboration, innovation, strategic thinking and presentation skills.

As part of the learning experience you will participate in a team based project where you are provided with a range of tools to help you identify a solution to a critical Griffith University challenge.

You will then pitch your solution to an Executive level group audience, such as the University Executive Group, or the Corporate Services Executive Group. Successful pitches will lead to new projects that are implemented at the University.

The Velocity Project program will commence in 2019. Further information will be provided on how to register your interest in 2019.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in this program you will:

  • Build skills in user centred design and agile methodologies (student centric capability)
  • Build skills in creating and presenting a product or service pitch (innovative & enterprising capability)
  • Build skills in working collaboratively (collaborative & inclusive capability)
  • Build networks across the university (collaborative & inclusive capability)
  • Understand and make a contribution to some of the strategic challenges facing the university (leading outcomes capability)

Suitable for

This learning program is suitable for staff from the following areas:

  • Academics and professional staff, at any level, in any Group
  • Staff who can invest one half day upfront and 2 hours a fortnight over a 12 week period
  • Have their manager / supervisor’s approval
  • Like working in groups with people who have a variety of different levels of experience, background and perspective

Velocity Program

Further information will be provided on how to register your interest in 2020.

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