About the program

Introduced for the first time in 2019, this program is sponsored by the Vice President (Corporate Services) and is overseen by the new Corporate Services Talent Council that includes all Functional Element Directors.

The Top Talent Development Program has been established for those staff identified during the annual performance discussion as having the performance and potential to make a significant difference to the University both now and into the future. Corporate Services team members who are selected for the program demonstrate the readiness and aspiration to take on more senior or complex roles.

The program is designed to provide a broad range of experiences and opportunities that focus on personal and professional growth and may include the following:

  • Leadership development relevant to the current level of appointment;
  • A period of higher duties, secondment or stretch project;
  • Participation in a Velocity Project aimed at building collaboration, innovation, strategic thinking and presentation skills to resolve a real organisational issue;
  • Mentoring or coaching;
  • Participation in networking events with the Corporate Services Executive and others in the program.

Program FAQ

How are staff identified to take part in the program?

Where can I find information about Velocity Projects, leadership development, coaching & mentoring?

What is the duration of the Development Program?

Can other staff enter the program during the year?

Get in touch

Program Participants requiring further information should talk with their Director or Sandy Tacey, People and Performance Manager (Ext: 58113)