About Integrity Program Training

The University’s Integrity Program aims to strengthen our culture and improve our integrity awareness and capability.  Click on the tiles below to learn more about the different focus areas of the Integrity Program, as well as the training and development opportunities that will support you to grow your integrity awareness and capability.

Learning and Development Support for the Integrity Program

A range of resources are currently available, and planned for 2019, to support all staff in their completion of required training as part of the Integrity Program.  Links to available online and face-to-face training and web links are available to help you understand and complete your required training.

Later in the year two new events will be launched across the University to support staff integrity development efforts: Drop-In Sessions and Race to Integrity.

Face to Face Awareness Training

A series of face-to-face training sessions will run throughout the year to build awareness of the different integrity focus areas and highlight expectations and responsibilities for all staff. Sessions will usually be run within Elements or Groups or at each campus. A calendar of upcoming face-to-face training sessions for each integrity focus area is coming soon.

Currently available sessions include.

Online Self-Paced Training

Griffith University has a duty of care to ensure all staff are aware of integrity, safety and security measures at the University. All Griffith staff should complete four online training modules annually to maintain their awareness and further their understanding of the specific integrity, safety and security responsibilities for their role.

Currently accessible online self-paced training modules include:

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