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Change Support

Learning and development programs are available for staff, leaders and teams to provide support at different points in the change process. Program outlines and links to more details descriptions can be found in the following table. Options for tailored workshops, coaching or consulting support can also be discussed with the Learning and Development team.

Resources for Change

Learning and Development offers a range of resources around change covering immediate online items to full offline face to face courses.

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Waitlisted courses

Courses below are current waitlisted - each contains a link to register your interest for future offerings.

Financial Decision Making During Change

Having confidence about financial arrangements and options when faced with change can help to make decision making during change easier and less stressful. The university’s superannuation provider provides advice, tools, information sessions and workshops to help clarify and support financial decision making for individuals and teams.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Sometimes additional personal support is required to help us though challenging times – for ourselves as well as our team members or colleagues.  Griffith University has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for all staff who may be affected by change and this extends to managers and supervisors who may benefit from additional support in managing issues arising within their teams.

EAP is a confidential wellbeing resource available for all employees and their immediate family members.  The EAP is designed to assist you to enhance your individual health and wellbeing and can support your entire work, health and life journey. Services are strictly confidential with services funded by Griffith University. The services are delivered by an external provider, Benestar (previously called Davidson Trahaire Corpsych).

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Consulting Support

When your capacity or capability to support workplace change is not available, then engaging a consultant can help.

The Learning and Development Team can help you to determine whether engaging a consultant is the right answer, and if so, to select a suitable and value-for-money option.

A consultant provides specialist advice, skills, experiences and abilities which are not readily available and can be especially effective when a fresh perspective is needed.

Finding and engaging a consultant

The Learning and Development team can help you to identify if and when a consultant would be suitable by helping you to clarify your needs and scope your requirements. If consulting support is appropriate, we can then provide you with a selection of consultants with relevant capabilities, suitable approaches and useful experience for you to consider and engage.

A consultant will be more effective when you engage them early in a process (early design or planning stages are ideal) so you have more time to utilise their expertise and for their impact to be felt earlier and for longer. It’s unlikely you will get the consultant you want or be able to make the most of the opportunity with a last minute request.

Internal and external consulting support

We have a small capacity to provide internal consulting support, but where we cannot meet your workload or skill requirements, we will connect you with an extensive network of experienced, trusted and reliable consultants (with a range of capabilities, specialisations and price points).


When internal consulting support is available and appropriate, there will be no charge to the requesting area.

When internal capacity or capability is unavailable and an external consultant is engaged, the work area will be responsible for all costs, procurement arrangements and ongoing contract management.

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