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Learning and Development Team,
People and Wellbeing, Corporate Services

Leadership Level - Leads Self

Tess is the acting Senior Learning and Development Adviser in the Learning and Development Team for People and Wellbeing. She has one and a half years' experience at Griffith in People and Wellbeing and is currently studying an HR degree at Griffith.

She’s inspired by visionary leadership and great teamwork, and is happiest when tackling activities that make a tangible difference to our users and the broader environment.

Career Highlight

Meeting and hearing from a number of visionary women leaders over a one-month period starting with Tracey Spicer, Kirstin Ferguson and our very own Shaan Ross-Smith. It made me realise how powerful and inspiring sharing leadership stories can be and energised me to set leadership goals for myself!

Career advice in 5 seconds

No one is 100% ready or ticks all of the boxes to do their next career move. If you look at the PD and you go "I can do 50-70% of that, but I can't do the last 30% so, therefore, I'm not going to apply". I think women have a tendency to do that, more so than men. I think I've definitely learned myself that I need to just put myself out there. I can learn really quickly, I'm a very adaptive person in the workplace, so I know that I have the capacity to learn on the spot. I don't need to know 100% of everything to be successful. I can know 70% and still be just as good.

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