Leading with vision

Digital Adoption Specialist,
Productivity and Information Management, Corporate Services

Leadership Level - Leads Others

Giuseppe is the Digital Adoption Specialist working to roll out helpful and usable workflow systems across the University. He's inspired that creativity is no longer an 'art thing' but that it's now an 'everyone thing'; also that consideration of the humans who systems are for are back to being in focus.

He loves that we are drawing on modern, mature practices that people use to build empathetic, creative and highly valuable solutions in a world of constant change and that this isn't dreaming, it's how enterprises are built now.

Career Highlight

Walking into the render farm at Weta Digital VFX and seeing leading edge industrial technology combined with world class creativity being used to create a multi Academy Award winning human experience that generated billions of dollars and captivated the hearts of millions of people. The success of all this came down to a simple focus - moving the hearts of people.

Career advice in 5 seconds

Don't let what you know limit how you grow.

Be around the people that are doing the thing you would love to do. Can't physically be there? No problem. Listen to their interviews, read their commentary, understand what they value and how they solve challenges and why others listen to them.

  • Thinking
    • How do they make decisions? How do they improve?
  • Doing
    • What do they do? This is their craft or practice.
  • Making
    • What do they make? What is quality in their eyes? Why do others value it?

You can adopt a lot of these answers into your current work. In that way you can gradually build yourself towards being someone that CAN do what you aspire to do and IS someone that others value.

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