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Chris is the Senior Learning and Development Adviser in the Learning and Development Team for People and Wellbeing. She has over 20 years' experience at Griffith in People and Wellbeing and runs and organises a variety of programs and courses including the On the Move Tour.

Inspired by supporting and helping others to connect, interested in collaborative and creative type of challenges and is happiest when tackling group / people driven activities.

Career Highlight

  • Nominated as Trainee of the Year (my first appointment with Griffith)
  • Secondments to working and supporting Senior Leaders across Griffith
  • Supporting the successful implementation of large IT system
  • Presenting at a HR L&D Industry Conference
  • Team nomination and recognition by Industry for HR Innovative Team 2019!

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Every 6 months challenge your thinking by reflecting on  “What is my next challenge or area of growth/opportunity” and 
then get comfortable with being uncomfortable and see the unknowns as opportunity!

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