Development leader

School of Medical Science, Health Group

Leadership Level - Leads Leaders

Bill is the School Manager for Medical Science team and has seven years' experience in this type of role. Prior to this Bill had extensive management experience in the private sector.

He is inspired by working with people who are capable and empowered to do their job, and seeing them contribute to the success of the team.

Career Highlight

Having the opportunity to be professionally coached. This allowed me to not only better understand myself, but also those around me. It also gave me the vision to embed coaching into my management style.

Career advice in 5 seconds

Just strive to be the best you can be at whatever you do. While you can have career objectives don’t concern yourself too much about that – concentrate on the now and the future will fall into place.

My Top 10 Recommended Resources

  1. Spending time observing and talking to others who you respect.
  2. Manager as Coach
  3. Leading Change, John P Kotter; Harvard Business School Press, 1996
    (Because change is the norm and we need to understand how we can bring it about in a considered manner.)
  4. Managing Change Through Responsible Leadership (7910EHR)
  5. What ‘Team Coaching’ Means, and Why You Need It
  6. Management and Leadership: Well-being and Welfare at Work
  7. Why (and How) to Confront Problem Employees
  8. People Management Skills
  9. Developing Creativity
  10. Business Fundamentals: Project Management

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