Step 1: Check your capabilities

What it is

This is a self-reflection activity that helps you think about and assess your current level of knowledge, skill and experience across non-technical or non-discipline specific areas that are becoming increasingly important to the work we do at Griffith.

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How it works

The review asks you a series of questions that guide you to assess your current level of knowledge, skill and experience for some important workplace factors. The review also asks you to rate the importance of these factors to successful performance in your role.

Your self-reflection results will be used to develop a customised list of learning and development resources to support your ongoing capability development needs.

What you receive

  • A summary report with highlighted capability development opportunity areas
  • A personalised list of learning and development resource options from Griffith and validated external providers covering online, in-person, paid and free development options for you to customise into a personal development program.
  • A checklist of actions for you to take to enrol in or access your selected learning and development programs

The review can be used to reflect on your capability for

  • A role you currently hold
  • A future role you're interested in
  • Roles with no managerial or supervisory responsibilities, or
  • Roles with some or significant managerial or supervisory responsibilities

Capability self-reflection

Importantly the capability review is intended to inform a tailored learning and development program for you. Only you will have access to the results.
Your responses will remain confidential and are unable to be shared with your supervisor or another third party.