About your account

All staff are provided with an Griffith Outlook email account while employed at Griffith.  This account will be available for the duration of employment and will be automatically removed when staff leave the University.

Adjunct staff have the option to opt out of a Griffith email account.  If you have previously opted out and want to opt back in or do not have a current Griffith adjunct email account,  please complete the Opt In request.

Name changes and your staff email

When your preferred name or last name changes, your email address may also change. This will affect how you log into some downstream systems within Griffith.

Examples of how name changes may affect your email address

  • Matthew Smith with existing email account m.smith@griffith.edu.au changes his preferred name to Matt, the email account will remain unchanged as he is the owner of m.smith@grifith.edu.au alias.
  • Matthew Smith with existing email account matthew.smith@griffith.edu.au changes his preferred name to Matt, the email account will change to matt.smith@griffith.edu.au (assuming m.smith@griffith.edu.au alias is already owned by another staff member)
  • Jane Doe with existing email account j.doe@griffith.edu.au changes her surname to Bloggs, the email address will change to either j.bloggs@griffith.edu.au (if available) or jane.bloggs@griffith.edu.au

Your former email address will remain active and emails will redirect to your new email address.

  • If your email address does change, you will need to update your account/username login information to reflect your new email address (e.g. Account Management - Account Details

You can update personal details via: Staff Portal > My Staff Page > About Me > My Personal Details > Name

What systems are affected by a name change

You can access most University systems with your Griffith ID and portal password.  However there are a few systems that you access via your email address.  Therefore, if you change your email address, your access to these system may change:

  • Poolcar - the University Car booking system
  • Webex
  • Echo360
  • Concur
  • Flexera
  • Modo Labs
  • Adobe Enterprise
  • StarRez
  • OwnCloud


Griffith staff have access to staff email for the duration of employment. Access to staff email is automatically removed effective from the termination date.

It is not possible to have interim access or access beyond the term of employment.

What happens when staff finish employment at Griffith.

General staff email account information

Staff email accounts are automatically created and available to current employees only. The following information will help identify if you are entitled to access a staff email account:

I am an ex-staff member and I cannot access email

  • Ex-staff do not retain access to email.
  • To regain access a working relationship with Griffith needs to be established.
  • Interim access or access beyond your period of employment is not possible.

I am a staff member and I cannot access email

  • Please contact IT Service Centre and advise you a staff member and unable to access email.
  • IT Service Centre are able to determine your staff affiliation which determines your entitlement to email.
  • If your affiliation is entitled to email access, an incident will be logged on your behalf to the Identity Management team to resolve the issue.
  • If you do not have a valid staff affiliation you will be referred to HR to ensure your recruitment process has been completed.
  • Upon completion of the HR recruitment process an email account is automatically created for you.

I am a student who has conducted paid/unpaid work for Griffith

  • You will be given access to a staff email account for the term of your appointment.
  • Access to the staff account will be removed on the termination date of your employment.
  • You will have continued access to a Griffith University email account.
  • Your staff account becomes the 'default' account.
  • All emails from Griffith Learning and Teaching systems will go to your 'default' account.
  • It is not possible to change your 'defaul't account to your student account.
  • Placing a forward from your staff account to student account will ensure you receive all email in your student account.
  • It is important to check both Staff and Student accounts while you are enrolled in a course unless you are forwarding emails.

I am a visitor and require a staff email account

I am a Researcher or HDR student

  • Researchers and HDR students are provided with a student account.
  • You will retain your student account (@griffithuni.edu.au) for life.

I am a Researcher o HDR student who has conducted paid/unpaid work for Griffith

  • If you are a Researcher or HDR student and perform paid/unpaid work for Griffith you will receive a staff email account.
  • Access to a staff email account is for the term of your employment only and not the term of your research/HDR studies.
  • Access to the staff account will be removed on the termination date of your employment.
  • It is important to note that you will lose access to a staff email and therefore should forward email from staff to student and use student email as your primary contact.

I am an Adjunct

  • If you have had a staff email account, you will retain access for the term of your Adjunct appointment.
  • If this is your first appointment with Griffith, then you will automatically be provided with a staff email account. If you do not want a Griffith email account, please complete the Adjunct Staff Email Opt-out Request form

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