Shared mailbox

Shared mailboxes are useful when multiple staff are working together on a project or task and need all the emails to be located in a single account. This keeps your shared emails separate from your work emails. Up to 25 staff can access a shared mailbox to view, forward, reply and file emails.

What you can and can't do with a shared mailbox


Delegates can perform the following tasks:

  • Send new messages
  • Respond to messages
  • Access Contacts
  • Manage messages, including creating and applying labels, setting up filters, archiving messages, and deleting messages.

Not available

Delegates cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Access the shared mailbox from a mobile device
  • Change account settings (which includes changing passwords and delegating mail to another user)
  • Send and receive chat messages
  • Use Task lists
  • Enable Gmail Labs
  • Change themes
  • Use Offline mail
  • Access Drive

How to access

Access a Shared Mailbox

  1. Log in to your Griffith email account.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click your profile avatar and select the Shared Mailbox
    (Note: If you have multiple Shared Mailboxes, you may need to scroll down in the list.)
  3. A new web browser window (or tab, depending on your browser settings) opens, displaying the Inbox (of the shared mailbox).

Please note: If the shared mailbox does not show in the drop down list, clear your browser cache and  refresh the page.

Access a Shared Calendar

Open your calendar.

  1. In the Other calendars section on the left, start typing the name of the shared calendar in the Add a colleague's calendar field. In the drop down list of entries that appear, click the entry for the shared calendar.
  2. The shared calendar will be listed in the 'My calendars' or the 'Other calendars' section depending on the level of access that has been delegated to you.

How do I request access to a Shared Mailbox

  • Ask the owner of the shared mailbox to grant you access.

Shared Mailbox Signature

  • Like Griffith University Staff Email accounts, Shared Mailboxes can have email signatures that are attached in response to sent emails. Shared Mailboxes however do not have the ability to upload images to be attached to the signature field - these must be linked via a URL to an external location as below:
  • Office of Marketing and Communications manage the images approved for email signatures and  these can easily be added to your shared mailbox as outlined here.
  • Custom images are outside of the Brand guidelines are not a supported service.

Please note:

  • It is not possible to access a shared mailbox on a mobile device through IMAP or through a browser.


An owner of a shared mailbox can delegate access for up to 25 staff.

As an owner of a mailbox, how do I add or remove a delegate?

  1. Access the TOOL? and follow the instructions in the tool

How can I tell who is an owner of a mailbox?


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