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  1. Illinois State University

    Illinois State has 18 mens and womens sporting teams and the university mascot is the "Redbird".
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  2. [PDF] LinkedIn Grad Guide – Video 4

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    25 Mar 2014: Your college's alumni community. Just because you have the same mascot, wear green and white or your college's colours on Saturdays and walked on the same Quad, they feel

  3. Purdue University

    Purdue has a range of traditions on campus including the "Big Bass Drum", the University mascot "The Boilermaker"and "Fountain Runs".
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  4. University of Maine

    The university mascot is the Black Bear.
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  5. California State University Fresno

    Fast Facts:. There are approximately 22, 000 students on campus. The University is often referred to as "Fresno State"and their mascot is the Bulldog.
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  6. California State University Bakersfield

    CSUB has 17 sport programs and they have won 30 national championships - the university mascot is the Roadrunner.
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  7. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

    Approximately 21, 000 students study on campus. Cal Poly Pomona competes at the NCAA Division II level and sponsors 12 intercollegiate sports - the university mascot is "Billy Bronco".
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  8. [PDF] Workplace Fun Ideas Master Education Version Sept 2008

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    12 Sep 2008: Workplace Fun Ideas Page 1 David Koutsoukis 2006 Workplace Fun Ideas A collection of great ideas and strategies to help you build a positive and productive workplace. by David Koutsoukis Workplace Fun Ideas Page 2 David Koutsoukis 2006 We all need

  9. [PDF] Where there's a WIL there's a way

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    13 Nov 2013: Work Integrated Learning news - GBS Alumni Special Edition

  10. [PDF] Stockwell

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    26 Apr 2012: alternative mascot ( Fatso the Wombat) and it counteracted the modern obsession with winning by highlighting valiant losers.

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