Awarded to students who have experienced financial hardship, and/or education disadvantage that has impacted on their ability to achieve their full potential.

The Abedian Foundation Griffith Futures Scholarships have a maximum value of $5,000 and are payable in two instalments of $2,500 in Trimester 1 and 2.

These scholarships are supported by Dr Soheil and Mrs Anne Abedian from the Abedian Foundation.

Applications closed.

Can I apply?

To be eligible you must:

  • be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident, Permanent Humanitarian Visa Holder or New Zealand Citizen
  • be a domestic undergraduate continuing student studying in a program at the Gold Coast Campus and have completed a minimum of 80 Credit Points.
  • demonstrate financial disadvantage by either being in receipt of a means-tested Commonwealth income support payment or a comprehensive assessment by the University
  • not have completed the requirements for an Australian Bachelor award unless such an award is a pre-requisite to their undergraduate program of enrolment and there is no alternate pathway into that program
  • have a GPA of 5 or above

What do I include in my application?

To be considered for this scholarship you must complete the following sections within the application:

Study Details

  • Program

Personal Background

  • Income and Expenditure
  • Scholarships
  • Circumstances

The selection is made on the basis of an assessment in accordance with the following five categories:

  1. Financial hardship
  2. Home environment and responsibilities
  3. English language difficulty
  4. Personal illness and disability
  5. Educational disruption

and the academic standing of the applicant and the likelihood of success in the chosen program.

* Priority will be given to students entering their 2nd year and not in receipt of any other Scholarship.

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Maximum value is $5,000, paid in instalments.  Instalments of $2,500 are payable in Trimester 1 and 2 provided conditions are met.

Payments are made within six weeks after the census date subject to satisfying scholarship terms and conditions.

Sponsor details

These scholarships are supported by Dr Soheil and Mrs Anne Abedian from the Abedian Foundation.

To remain eligible for the scholarship, you will be required to:

  • remain full time enrolled at Griffith University Gold Coast campus in the program for which the scholarship was awarded, transfer to another undergraduate program at the Gold coast campus may be approved on request
  • continue to meet the eligibility requirements
  • maintain good Academic Standing of a GPA of 5 or above
  • attend one of the welcome events before the first payment is made.
  • attend at least one event with the donor each year
  • attend at least two Students Future Fund donor events and two professional development sessions (unless mutually agreed with the University).

The above conditions are verified each trimester at census date. If a scholarship recipient fails to successfully meet these conditions, scholarship payments may be withheld or the scholarship may be terminated.

Applications must be completed and submitted by the closing date.

Offers are made via email.

The scholarships will be awarded by the donor, or a representative of the donor, at a Students Future Fund presentation on the Gold Coast in either February or March each year.

Griffith University reserves the right to withdraw an advertised scholarship at any time.