Support for students commencing in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree and undertaking a research project within the Centre for Quantum Dynamics.

Maximum value is $6,000 payable in instalments.

Apply by: 4 pm Friday 16 April 2021

Can I apply?

To be eligible you must:

  • be commencing full-time study in Trimester 1 2021 in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) 2125 degree
  • be undertaking a research topic within the Centre for Quantum Dynamics
  • have completed your undergraduate study and achieved a minimum GPA of 6.

What do I include in my application?

To be considered for this scholarship you must complete the following sections within the application:

Study details

  • Program (continuing students)
  • Tertiary education history (commencing students)
  • Program preferences (commencing students)
  • Honours and research topics: detail your honours and research topic and identify a principal supervisor within the Centre for Quantum Dynamics.


  • Personal statement
    • Career goals and aims: details our career goals and aims following completed of your honours studies.

You must upload the following in the supporting documentation section. (Please use only the following formats- pdf, word, jpeg or excel, we can only guarantee these formats will be accepted)

  • Supporting documentation
    • Other: Honours Supervisor Approval Form—please complete and have your Centre for Quantum Dynamics supervisor, who has agreed to supervise your research, sign the Supervisor Approval Form.
    • Other: If your undergraduate degree was NOT completed at Griffith University, upload a copy of your transcript.

Start your application


Maximum value is $6,0000, paid in instalments. Instalments of $3,000 are payable in Trimester 1 and 2 provided conditions are met.

Payments are made up to six weeks after the census date subject to satisfying scholarship terms and conditions.

To remain eligible for the scholarship, you will be required to:

  • remain full-time enrolled at Griffith University in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree
  • continue to undertake your research project with the Centre of Quantum Dynamics for which the scholarship was awarded
  • maintain a minimum GPA of 6
  • study in consecutive trimesters.

The above conditions are verified each trimester at census date. If a scholarship recipient fails to successfully meet these conditions, scholarship payments may be withheld, or the scholarship may be terminated.

Applications, including any supporting documentation, must be completed and submitted by the closing date.

Offers are made via email.

Applicants may be shortlisted and be required to provide additional information.

Griffith University reserves the right to withdraw an advertised scholarship at any time.