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Visit this Coronavirus - Information for Researchers webpage for the latest advice for staff and HDR candidates about COVID-19 impacts and options as they relate to your research activities.

Research Centres and Institutes

Our research centres and institutes are responsible for much of the performance and quality of research outputs and activities across the University, including:

  • publications
  • research training and recognition
  • attracting external research support.


The aims of our research centres and institutes are to:

  • develop core research to national and international standards
  • aggregate research activities in related fields into coherent research themes
  • support the development of quality research training, including honours research higher degree students
  • attract external research funding.

Research Centres Policy

With the above aims in mind, the University developed the Research Centres Policy, which was revised in 2019.

Research Centres and Institutes Policy

List of research centres and institutes

See our research centres and institutes at a glance.

Research centre reports and forms

Research centres and institutes at Griffith are required to submit annual and third-year reports. You can access the forms for these, as well as research centre staircase performance reports.

Beacons and Spotlights

Griffith Beacons and Spotlights are bold, problem-focussed research initiatives, each structured as a time-bound program to deliver impact.


Beacons and Spotlights are intended to create diverse, agile teams that draw together the strengths and perspectives of a range of disciplines and partnerships to undertake leading edge, outcomes-focused research programs that are sponsored by the DVC Research. The interdisciplinary approach means that participants in Beacons and Spotlights will span multiple Research Centres and Institutes, without displacing or disrupting their RCI membership.

Beacons and Spotlights are differentiated from each other in terms of scope, scale and duration of support. Guidelines are provided for the Beacons and Spotlights funding programs, and these provide further detail on the attributes required for successful applications for this support.

Governance Guidelines for Beacons and Spotlights

Guidelines for the Governance and Oversight Arrangements for Griffith University Research Centres and Institutes, Beacons and Spotlights

Guidelines for Governance of RCIs, Beacons and Spotlights

Griffith Climate Action Beacon

See our Griffith Climate Action Beacon

Beacons and Spotlight forms

You can access application forms, guidelines and notification of intent forms for Beacons and Spotlights