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Financial consultants

Your financial consultant can assist with various aspects of grant budget preparations, including clarifying grant GST.

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Approved Financial Support from Griffith

For certain ARC and NHMRC major grant rounds, Griffith's Research Committee and the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) have pre-approved financial contributions from the University that can be included in grant applications to show Griffith's support for the project. The current list of pre-approved amounts is available here. For some schemes, the support will still need to be formally requested and this can be done by emailing preaward@griffith.edu.au.

Staff wishing to take advantage of this support should make reference to it with their project application, either in the budget/budget justification or project descriptions sections (or both), depending on the specific grant application requirements.

Overheads and indirect costs

Wherever possible, overheads/indirect costs must be included in your budget. These costs allow the University to recover the full costs of conducting the research. The funder will generally provide guidance on whether overheads/indirect costs can be included in the budget. If they permit a certain amount then this must be included. If  they do not specify the amount, please refer to the Research Grant Overheads Charge Guidelines to ensure the appropriate costs are included. On occasion, a researcher may need to request an overheads/indirect cost waiver from the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) (DVCR). Please send all waiver requests to your Research Grants Officer, who will coordinate the request with the DVCR .

Personnel and salaries

Calculate staff costs with the help of these salary scales and rate guides:

Please note: Fixed-term staff may be entitled to severance pay at the end of their contract. If you’re budgeting for a fixed-term employee as part of your application, contact your HR advisor to seek information about severance pay entitlements.

Insurance documentation

If an application requires a copy of Griffith's Insurances such as Public Liability or Professional Indemnity etc, they can be found on Griffith's Insurance and Risk Management website.

Fields of Research and Socio-economic objective classification codes

Fields of Research classification categorises research and development activity, as well as other activity within the higher education sector. Socio-economic classification allows research and development data to be classified according to the researcher’s perceived purpose.

Research definitions - Australian Standard Research Classification

There are four types of activity applicable to research and development and are recognised as pure, strategic, applied and experimental development.