Striving to solve complex problems with systems approach

We are dedicated to learning, research and consultancy using systems thinking and modelling approach. Our research group brings together researchers across Griffith University with expertise in System Dynamics, Bayesian Belief Network, Agent-Based Modelling and Integrated Modelling aiming to solve a diverse range of problems including complex environment, business, management and health problems.

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Discover how to tap into this expertise via our modelling capabilities.

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Retrofitting public buildings for energy and water

The aim of this project is to develop a best-practice guidebook on energy and water efficiency auditing and retrofitting of existing public building stock.

Thinking of pursuing a research degree?

Are you interested in pursuing a Master by Research or Doctor of Philosophy in systems thinking and modelling? There are two rounds of HDR scholarships annually (around April and October). See Griffith Graduate Research School website to find out how to apply and the scholarship deadline.

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If you would like to discuss new research projects, partnership arrangements or other collaborations, please contact us.

Griffith Climate Change Response Program

Find out more about climate change adaptation research