Building understanding and adapting to diverse health impacts of climate change through inter-disciplinary collaboration

Our collective strives to build a inter-disciplinary network of research expertise in climate change and health within Griffith University, with the purpose of identifying, understanding and responding to critical climate-related health problems.

Our researchers span the field of social sciences, systems thinking and modelling, environmental epidemiology, sustainable business and management, public and environmental health, governance and policy development, psychology, and sociology. We are working together with communities to solve and respond to complex factors that exacerbate the health risks of climate change.

Climate and Health Collective was formed as part of Griffith Climate Change Response Program.

Research Interests

Our research focuses on the contemporary climate-related health impacts, including extreme events, with interests in:

Health Risks

Resillient Health Systems

Health in the Community

Assessment and Adaptation

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Climate and Health Collective Group was formed as part of the Griffith Climate Change Response Program

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