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Griffith Climate Action Beacon

The challenges of the 21st century are many and complex, with climate change undoubtedly one of humankind’s most pressing issues. Griffith has been a longstanding leader in the climate change space, with a proven track record in bringing about climate action.  Find out more about the Griffith Climate Action Beacon.

Research dives deep to understand climate impacts

A world-first research project aims to understand how ocean changes influence the recovery of whale populations in the southern hemisphere.

Kayapo protection of land in the Amazon

The Kayapo are protecting the last large block of primary forests surviving in the southeastern Amazon.  Video is relevant to GCCRP's Primary Forests and Climate Change projects.

Collaborative Australia-Indonesia Programme on Sustainable Development and Climate Change recordings

Sustainable landscape management & COVID-19

Webinar held 2 July 2020 - "Community Advocacy in Promoting Sustainable Landscape Management in times of COVID-19".

Wildlife Trade, Zoonotic Disease & Pandemic

Webinar held 18 June 2020 - "Wildlife Trade, Zoonotic Disease, and Pandemic".

Global Perspective & landscapes & COVID-19

Webinar held 11 June 2020 - "Global Perspectives on Sustainable Landscape Management in Times of COVID-19".

Some more recordings & materials

Griffith Climate Change Response Program