Science and policy updates, and sectoral responses

On 20 March 2018 the Griffith Climate Change Response Program, Australian National University (ANU) Climate Change Institute and the Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise presented the Climate Update 2018 to a full house at the Griffith University, South Bank campus.  The Climate Update provided an overview of how our climate is changing and how we're responding to these changes. Experts, policy makers and leading commentators from across Australia presented at the Update - Part 1 Science Updates; Part 2: Policy Updates and Part 3: Sectoral Responses.

Part 1 - Science Updates

Professor Mark Howden is Director of the ANU Climate Change Institute.  He presented - "A record year: 2017" which considered carbon dioxide and methane emissions, global temperatures, sea ice and levels, El Niño and La Niña, natural catastrophes, insurance and business risk, heatwaves and rainfall in Australia, agriculture and Brisbane temperature and rainfall in 2017.

Speaker biography - Mark’s work has focused on climate impacts of agriculture and food security, the natural resource base, ecosystems and biodiversity, energy, water and urban systems. He has also developed the national (NGGI) and international (IPCC/OECD) greenhouse gas inventories for the agricultural sector.  
With over 27 years in the field and 390 publications, Mark has been a major contributor to several of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC assessment reports, and is now a Vice Chair of IPCC, Working Group 2.

Powerpoint slides - "A record year 2017" - presented by Prof Mark Howden

Dr Ramona Dalla Pozza is the Science Leader, Grazing Land Systems, Science Division, Qld Department of Environment and Science. She presented, "Climate Change Science to underpin the Qld Climate Adaptation Strategy (Q-CAS)". Her presentation considered climate change in Qld, climate change projection data, regional scale data, bridging the gap between the regional data and policy needs, key climate change issues facing Qld, engagement with industry and business.

Speaker biography - Ramona has a PhD in Geomorphology (2007) and for the past 15 years has worked as a scientist with both the Federal and Queensland governments investigating climate impacts on natural resource systems, palaeoclimate, climate change, fluvial and coastal geomorphology and biosecurity. Ramona is currently leading the Queensland Government’s Science Program to support the Queensland Climate Adaptation Strategy and the Queensland Government’s research aimed to improve primary producers’ drought preparedness, under the Queensland Drought Mitigation Centre, funded by the Drought and Climate Adaptation Program.

PowerPoint slides - "Climate Change Science to underpin Q-CAS" - presented by Dr Ramona Dalla Pozza

Part 2 - Policy Updates

Frank Jotzo is Professor at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy. He presented, "Climate change policy responses". His presentation considered UN negotiations to boardrooms, global carbon budget, policy facilitating transition, the speed of technological changes, global coal projections, electricity sector emissions, renewables, National Emissions Guarantee proposal and energy transition.

Speaker biography - Frank Jotzo directs the Centre for Climate Economics and Policy. He is also Crawford School's Research Director, and co-director of the Energy Transition Hub. As an environmental economist, his research focuses on policy relevant aspects of climate change, energy, and broader issues of environment, development and economic reform.

PowerPoint slides - "Climate change policy responses" - presented by Professor Frank Jotzo

David Putland is Acting Manager, Science and Reporting, Climate Change Policy, in the Qld Government. He presented, "Queensland Climate Change Policy". His presentation covered the Qld Climate Adaptation Strategy and the Qld Climate Transition Strategy and their development, physical climate hazards for Qld, climate change as a social and economic risk, climate change is a foreseeable and near-term risk, the Government Adaptation Action Plan, the  Qld Climate Resilient Councils Program, Sector Adaptation Plans,  Qld emissions, Land Restoration Fund and the Climate Change Branch.

Speaker biography - David led a small team developing the Qld Climate Adaptation Strategy that was released in July 2017. Dave previously worked as the Climate Program Manager with the Qld horticulture industry, and as a researcher in climate change and biodiversity.

PowerPoint slides - "Queensland Climate Change Policy" - presented by David Putland

Part 3 - Sectoral Responses

Dr Natasha Montesalvo is Policy & Research Officer at the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, the peak body for tourism across the state. Her presentation, "Climate Change and Tourism", looked at the role of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, the importance of tourism to Queensland, tourism trends to 2030, climate change and risks, changes for business, future proofing the tourism industry and the vision for the tourism sector adaptation plan and actions being taken.

Speaker Biography -  Natasha's role at the Queensland Tourism Industry Council involves representing industry’s voice across all levels of government, responding to any legislative or strategy changes that will influence or impact the tourism the industry across Queensland. Natasha is currently working with the Griffith Institute for Tourism in the development of the tourism sector adaptation and mitigation plan.

PowerPoint slides - "Climate Change and Tourism" - presented by Dr Natasha Montesalvo

Professor John Hewson A.M. wrapped up the sectoral responses to climate change by examining the investment and finance industry response to climate change.  He highlighted that we're very close to a world where you'll have compulsory disclosure of climate risk.

Speaker biography - Professor Hewson Professor John Hewson is an economic and financial expert with experience in academia, business, government, media and the financial system. He has worked as an economist for the Australian Treasury, the Reserve Bank, the International Monetary Fund and as an advisor to two successive Federal Treasurers and the Prime Minister. In February 2014, Professor Hewson joined the Australian National University as Professor and Chair of the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute. In addition, Professor Hewson is a long-term campaigner for substantive response to climate change.

Audio - Professor John Hewson presentation

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