Our Areas of Strategic Investment help facilitate research excellence and drive positive solutions

Griffith researchers make highly significant contributions and find solutions that bring real and positive change to 21st century challenges and priority issues. Griffith is a research intensive university with an international reputation and world-leading expertise in our Areas of Strategic Investment.

Asian politics, security and development

This Area of Strategic Investment builds on existing strengths in areas of Asian studies and political science at Griffith, with expertise from the Griffith Asia Institute and the Centre for Governance and Public Policy.

Both research centres have a record of excellence in publications and external competitive grants. In the 2012 and 2015 Excellence in Research Australia exercises, political science at Griffith received consecutive rankings of 5—well above world standard.

Criminology and crime prevention

Questions concerning crime, justice, prevention and governance motivate nearly 200 Griffith researchers from a wide range of disciplines. They focus on contemporary global challenges to society and community wellbeing, with a focus on early intervention and prevention in areas of social disadvantage.

Our research incorporates the:


Griffith University is a leader in drug discovery in Australia, with a strong focus on infectious diseases. The University's top chemists, biologists and health-care scientists are tackling multidisciplinary solutions across a wide range of diseases.

Griffith's Institute for Glycomics is one of Australia's flagship biomedical research institutes. Their researchers are world leaders in developing next generation drugs, vaccines and diagnostics for diseases of global impact.

The Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery is dedicated to developing innovative new solutions for devastating conditions including cancer, drug resistance, infectious diseases and Parkinson’s disease. The Institute is also home to Compounds Australia and NatureBank—unique resources that help drive their search for revolutionary new treatments.

Genomics researchers at the Menzies Health Institute Queensland have identified a number of gene variants associated with migraine, breast and skin cancer, and have patented vaccine antigens and DNA diagnostic tests.


The newly assigned ASI in education enhances Griffith's reputation through multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral research focused on leading, learning and change across the lifespan. Our strength in these fields rest on the depth of research expertise across multiple education disciplines.

Our research incorporates the:

Environmental sciences

Environmental science at Griffith is largely addressed through the activities of the Environmental Futures Research Institute.

Recognised as a leader in scientific environmental research, the Institute influences and expands new knowledge in the era of the Anthropocene, and helps facilitate clean, resilient and sustainable futures across the globe.

Griffith Climate Change Response Program

The Griffith Climate Change Response Program leads University’s research into climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The Program brings together Griffith research expertise from a range of disciplines, providing the capacity to address climate change problems through a multidisciplinary approach.

Health and chronic diseases

The Menzies Health Institute Queensland is committed to developing healthy communities through exceptional health and medical research.

With exceptional biomedical, nursing, allied health, social and behavioural scientists, clinical researchers and research candidates, Griffith’s Menzies HIQ has achieved remarkable outcomes.


The Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University is one of the top institutions for tertiary music training in the southern hemisphere—teaching music for more than half a century.

While QCGU is distinguished for its role in teaching and professional practice, the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre—embedded within the QCGU —is well positioned to explore issues at the heart of musical practice today. The Centre undertakes cutting-edge research, with particular focus on the Asia–Pacific region.

QCGU is developing focus on the Asia–Pacific region and has affiliations with the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Shandong College of Art and Music. The QCGU also collaborates with the Griffith Asia Institute through its Encounters initiative—building on our strengths in both Asian studies and innovative musical practice.

One of Australia's oldest art institutions—Queensland College of Art—and one of the nation's largest film schools—Griffith Film School—combine to cement Griffith's teaching strength in the arts.


The School of Nursing and Midwifery is at the forefront of research performance, with an ERA ranking of 5 and a QS ranking of 29. Our research strategy builds on the achievements in research quality, outputs, engagement and impact.

Key research groups within the School include:

Physical sciences

Our strategic research initiative in physical sciences combines research expertise from the Centre for Quantum Dynamics and the Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre.

The Centre for Quantum Dynamics aims to understand and control quantum systems to develop important new applications such as the quantum internet and laser-accelerated particle therapy.

The Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre undertakes world-leading research that is integral to the development of clean and intelligent systems.

Sustainable tourism

Griffith University is a world leader in sustainable tourism research.

Our research expertise at the Griffith Institute for Tourism enhances links between businesses, government bodies and other research entities to solve current industry needs, and to maximise sustainability and resilience in the tourism sector.

Water science

Griffith has a long-standing international reputation for excellence in environmental research since establishing Australia's first School of Environment more than 30 years ago.

The Australian Rivers Institute plays a leading role in managing water resources with a focus on freshwater, estuarine and urban water.

Researchers help protect river and coastal ecosystems in Australia through major collaborations, including the $16 million Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge hub and the $50 million Urban Water Security Research Alliance.

Research centres and institutes

Griffith also delivers local, national and international solutions through niche research areas in medicine, quantum physics, environmental sciences, tourism and sport management, educational research, nursing, urban and regional planning, law and smart workplaces. Explore our vast network of research centres and institutes, which are responsible for much of our research output.

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