State-of-the-art spaces and tools for developing new knowledge

Our research centres and institutes hold an array of major facilities, infrastructure, and equipment for dedicated research. Griffith is also a member of a range of external research facilities. Explore our research facilities and infrastructure below.

Griffith research centres and institutes

Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution

Facilities include:

  • Laboratory for optically stimulated luminescence dating
  • Laboratory for electron spin resonance dating
  • Laboratory for ancient DNA analysis.

Australian Rivers Institute

Facilities include:

  • Stable isotope laboratory
  • Molecular ecology laboratory
  • Nutrient laboratory
  • Bellthorpe field research station
  • Sediment-tracing laboratory
  • DNA and DNA-handling facilities
  • Microbiology laboratory (with PC2 facility).

Centre for Clean Environment and Energy

Facilities and equipment include:

  • Materials synthesis and preparation laboratory
  • Energy storage research laboratory
  • Clean fuel production and energy conversion laboratory
  • Environmental sensing laboratory
  • 3D printing laboratory
  • Advanced materials characterisation laboratory.

Centre for Quantum Dynamics

Facilities and equipment include:

  • Australian Attosecond Science Facility
  • Molecular ecology laboratory
  • Reaction microscope (captures charged fragments and measures 3D momenta)
  • Waveguide fabrication facility
  • E-beam lithography machine
  • 3D laser lithography tool.

Clinical Trial Unit

Good Clinical Practice compliant trial facilities:

  • 4-bed procedure room with emergency trolley, AED, ECQ and IV infusion equipment
  • 6 consultation rooms, patient lounge and kitchenette
  • Study coordinator room with 10 work spaces
  • Phlebotomy room with separate lab processing area including non/refrigerated centrifuges
  • Drug preparation room with temperature controlled storage facilities and biosafety cabinet
  • Commercial grade data-logged fridges and -20 °C and -80°C freezers
  • Dedicated monitoring space, secure document storage

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Cities Research Institute

Facilities include:

  • Small research vessel with muti-role equipment
  • Rapid deployment beach surveying system
  • Rapid deployment bathymetric surveying system
  • Water quality sampling
  • Sediment sampling and analysis
  • Coastal Observatory
  • Underwater parametric observations
  • Drogue tracking capabilities.

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Centre for Planetary Health and Food Security

Facilities and equipment include:

  • Molecular soil microbiology lab (with PC2 facility)
  • Soil and plant laboratories
  • Tree ring laboratory
  • Suburban wildlife research laboratory
  • Wildlife ecology laboratory
  • Rainforest invertebrate biodiversity laboratory
  • International fruit fly management laboratory.

Compounds Australia

Housed at the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery, facilities and equipment of Compounds Australia include:

  • Storage for a capacity of 600,000 microtubes
  • Centralised robots to automate microplate movement and processing
  • Automated plate sealing, seal removal and centrifugation
  • Labcyte Echo 550 for accurate nanolitre dispensing
  • Platforms for microlitre liquid handling
  • Barcode labelling and tracking
  • Capacity to hold 4,400 microplates.

Griffith Criminology Institute

Facilities include:

  • Social analytics laboratory, a secure, enterprise-class data facility that provides infrastructure for the safe storage, access and analysis of social science data.

Griffith Institute for Tourism

Facilities include:

  • Eye-tracking laboratory for conducting research on user design and advertising evaluation.

Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery

Unique resources at the institute include:

  • PC2 biosecurity laboratory
  • High and low-resolution mass spectrometry facility
  • High-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance facility
  • High-throughput and high-content analysis screening
  • High-resolution microscopy and live cell imaging
  • Nature Bank.

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DNA Sequencing Facility

The Griffith University DNA Sequencing Facility provides independent, high quality and competitively priced DNA Sequencing and Fragment Analysis services using the Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyser and for next-generation sequencing applications, the Illumina MiSeq System.

  • NATA/RCPA accredited in the field of Medical Testing for Sanger Sequencing Analysis and Fragment Analysis

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Institute of Glycomics

The largest dedicated academic glycoscience unit in Australia holds a range of related research facilities, including:

  • Bioanalytical facility
  • Flow cytometry and cell-sorting facility
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology facility
  • Microbiology laboratory
  • Medicinal chemistry laboratory.

Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre

Facilities and equipment include:

  • Micro fabrication facility, a purpose-built facility, including class-100 and class-1000 cleanrooms
  • Epitaxial SiC production reactor batch processing of 2" to 300mm wafers
  • National hydrogen materials reference facility
  • Raman spectroscopy facility
  • Synthetic laboratory
  • Atomic force microscope laboratory
  • Solid state physics laboratory
  • Micro- and nanofluidics laboratory
  • Electrochemistry laboratory.

Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems

Facilities include:

  • Robotics laboratory
  • Image processing laboratory
  • Big data laboratory
  • HCI laboratory (idea lab)
  • Optimisation laboratory.

Menzies Health Institute Queensland

Facilities include:

  • clinical trial unit for Phase I-IV clinical trials
  • clinical trial randomisation service
  • nanoString nCounter for rapid and reliable profiling of RNA and DNA.

Nature Bank

Part of the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery, Nature Bank is a unique storehouse of nature’s chemical diversity, comprising a collection of plant and marine invertebrate samples.

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