Your research journey

As a research candidate, you will be working independently under the guidance of your supervisor(s) to complete an original research project.
Completing a research program is your opportunity to make a substantial contribution to, and develop a critical understanding of, a specific discipline or area of professional practice.

Throughout your research program, you will complete four milestones, which are opportunities for you to refine your thesis and to evaluate your progress. These milestones provide a structured opportunity for you and your supervisor(s) to discuss performance and progress, identify and resolve any problems, identify if additional resources or other support is required, and assist you to complete your research and writing of your thesis.


Note: Timeframes will vary for candidates enrolled in Masters (Research), named PhD, and Professional Doctorate programs. Candidates should consult their Program Director.

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Thesis examination

As you near completion of your research candidature, you will with the support of your supervisors, begin the final stages of your research journey that will culminate in your thesis preparation and submission. Your specific program and research field will dictate the specific requirements of your thesis however there are various resources available to support you on this final stage of your journey.