The co-funded Griffith Graduate Research School (GGRS) and International Experience Incentive Scheme (IEIS) Conference Travel Grants are available on a competitive basis to Griffith University research candidates, to subsidise candidate attendances at international conferences, in order to present a paper or poster.

The grants are intended to support candidates with:

  1. Improving the quality of the thesis
  2. Providing opportunities to present candidate research work to international audiences
  3. Fostering and developing collaborations with international colleagues

The grant may be used to cover such expenses as:

  • Return airfare between Australia and the conference location
  • Conference registration
  • Costs towards accommodation
  • Other ancillary expenses.

The maximum amount that eligible candidates may apply for is $1,500. A grant of $1,500 will be funded $250 by IEIS, $500 by the applicant's Research Centre and the remainder by GGRS.

GGRS Conference Travel Grants will be available to those applicants who:

  • Are enrolled in a research doctorate at Griffith University, and will be enrolled during the period of conference attendance (i.e. must not have submitted the thesis)
  • Are confirmed in their candidature (applicants must have received official notice of confirmation)
  • Have completed a minimum of 1.5 years full-time enrolment, or equivalent
  • Are able to produce an abstract that is of quality and that is potentially publishable
  • Have not previously received a Conference Travel Grant funded by the Griffith Graduate Research School or International Experience Incentive Scheme
  • Where a cognate Research Centre exists, are a member of that Research Centre
  • Are presenting at a conference outside Australia that is of international significance (the conference paper should be directly related to the applicant’s research topic at Griffith University)
  • Have not exceeded their original maximum submission date
  • Are not enrolled in the PhD by Prior Publication program
  • Are the sole or main author of the presentation
  • Have obtained study away approval
  • Are not presenting at a conference in their home country (i.e. country of citizenship).

Applications must be submitted with supporting documentation and appropriate endorsements (Principal Supervisor, and Research Convenor) before the following closing dates:

  • Round 1: Closed 31 January 2020
  • Round 2: Closed due to COVID-19 university response - Griffith University has suspended all international travel as of 06/03/2020. Visit the travel website for the latest information.
  • Round 3: Closing date 24 July 2020 (for conference attendance between 1 June and 30 November 2020)
  • Round 4: Closing date 23 October 2020 (for conference attendance between 1 September 2020 and 28 February 2021)

It is the applicant’s responsibility to secure all required application signatures prior to submitting the application.

Candidates from the Health Group must email their application for endorsement by the Dean (Research) Health Office, 3 working days prior to GGRS closing date.

Applications must be submitted, by the due date for the round, with supporting documentation and appropriate endorsements (Principal Supervisor, and Research Convenor).

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the application form is fully completed - including all signatures - prior to submitting the application via myGriffith.

The following supporting documentation must accompany the application:

  • Brochure or notices prepared by conference organisers
  • Evidence of paper being accepted to the conference (if available)
  • Evidence of costs (if available) i.e. conference/flight costs/quotes
  • Abstract of the paper to be presented
  • Proof of international significance of the conference if not clearly shown in documents above. This may be indicated by the presence of international speakers, or a listing of previous conference venues showing that the conference is held in a range of international locations
  • MyTrips screen shot (refer to section 6 of the Conference Travel Grant - Conditions of Award).

Please note that applicants who are not able to provide proof of acceptance as a participant in the conference program or the My Trips screen shot with their application will still be considered; however, evidence will need to be provided to claim the grant if the application is successful.

Applicants from the Health Group must have their full application & supporting documentation submitted to email address no less than 3 business days prior to the GGRS closing date.

The application and supporting documentation are to be submitted as one PDF via myGriffith > My Research > My Candidate Centre.

It is essential that you read the Conditions of Award - this document includes registration and insurance, selection and award details, and other important information. We recommend that you book a consultation with a Global Mobility staff member who will assist you to complete a Short-Term Program Application. Global Mobility contact information is available here.

Read the Conditions of Award (PDF 57KB)

The application form is available via myGriffith > My Research > My Candidate Centre.

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