Virtual Moondarrewa

Virtual heritage designer and cultural heritage practitioner Brett Leavy collaborated with the university’s Red Zone to launch the 3D interactive concept called Virtual Moondarrewa to honour the custodianship of Gold Coast’s first nation people.

Virtual Moondarrewa is a one-of-a-kind “serious game” that simulates the natural and cultural environment to allow players to explore the Gold Coast before British settlement. It will take you on a journey and show you exactly what the Gold Coast campus and surrounding areas once looked like.

Project information

Date released
Coming soon
Project location
Gold Coast wave wall

Project creator

Brett Leavy

Brett Leavy is an immersive heritage practitioner, Aboriginal historian, virtual heritage artist and the only director of Virtual Heritage Australia. Brett is a champion of re-creating natural environments using interactive and immersive virtual technologies tools to protect, preserve and promote Indigenous culture and heritage. His multi-faceted skills are in areas of management, media, communications and cultural heritage management. He is currently the general manager of the National Indigenous Radio Service.