Virtual Meanjin

Meanjin—meaning ‘place shaped as a spike’—is the word given by the Turrbal and Jagera people to describe the area that is now Brisbane’s central business district. Virtual Meanjin, a cultural heritage simulation, takes you back in time to experience what the Brisbane CBD area was like before British settlement. You control a character from a third person perspective through a spectacular natural environment based on the area’s actual topography, vegetation and animals, as informed by research and the stories of the local people.

Built with the Unity3D game engine, Virtual Meanjin draws on many of the elements of other games like World of Warcraft to deliver an immersive experience unlike anything ever attempted before in cultural heritage management. You’ll share in traditional stories, passed on from generation to generation.

Beginning your journey at one of the original campsites identified by John Oxley, you’ll complete tasks to provide for the clan, gain respect from both custodian groups and help them sustain their lifestyle. Exploring multiple storylines and locations, you’ll follow animal tracks, hunt in traditional hunting grounds, and gather bushfoods and medicines, just as the Turrbal and Jagera people might have done.

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Brett Leavy

Brett Leavy is an immersive heritage practitioner, Aboriginal historian, virtual heritage artist and the only director of Virtual Heritage Australia. Brett is a champion of re-creating natural environments using interactive and immersive virtual technologies tools to protect, preserve and promote Indigenous culture and heritage. His multi-faceted skills are in areas of management, media, communications and cultural heritage management. He is currently the general manager of the National Indigenous Radio Service.