Riverfire 2016


Location 1:
Webb Centre Grey Street Corner (QCA), South Bank
Date and time:
Saturday 24, Monday 26, Tuesday 27 September
6 pm — 10 pm
Location 2:
Griffith University Art Gallery Wall (QCA), South Bank
Date and time:
Saturday 24 September
6 pm — 10 pm

The creator: Associate Professor Andi Spark, Griffith Film School

HeartBreath is an iterative project, developed through an exploratory methodology focussing on aspects of embodied emotion. Each element attempts to capture an aspect of bodily fluidity and breath: particularly the sense of heart-pumping blood surging through the veins; tears welling and falling; the catch of breath and outpouring of energy; and the steady intake of air creating calmness. Aspects of this work have been screened in exhibition at Gympie Regional Gallery, Crane Arts Philadelphia USA and on the media wall of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb Croatia in association with Animafest.

River Listening Augmented Reality Sound Installation

Brisbane River, South Bank
Date and time:
Saturday 24 September
6 pm — 10 pm (launch)

The creator: Dr Leah Barclay, Research Fellow, Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre

River Listening is an augmented reality sound installation reimagining the world beneath the Brisbane River in sound. The installation can be experienced by walking along the river with a mobile device and triggering geo-located soundscapes throughout South Bank. These geo-located sounds are layered with hydrophone (underwater) recordings and creative responses to the Brisbane River that connect to the soundscapes of river systems across the world.

This installation is part of an interdisciplinary project exploring the art and science of listening to rivers and the creative possibilities of aquatic bioacoustics. River Listening explores rivers as the lifeblood of communities and the potential for new approaches in the conservation of global river systems.

To experience River Listening download the free app Recho and your phone will act as a sonic compass guiding you throughout South Bank. New sounds will be added and adapted throughout Riverfire meaning every person will have a different listening experience.

Use the hashtags #RiverListening, #griffithredzone and #beremarkable on social media to share your experiences.