River catchment simulator

Immerse yourself in an interactive animation of a catchment—the area where water falls and flows over the landscape and is collected.

Developed by the Australian Rivers Institute, the simulator gives you the chance to explore the different parts of the water system, including the headwaters, reservoirs, estuaries and the coast. You’ll see the source of the river in the upper part of the catchment and learn about the living system where water is stored before it is filtered and re-directed for use in the surrounding farms, towns and cities. You’ll also discover what lies beneath the water, where fresh and salt water mix and vibrant communities of plants and animals live and thrive.

Project information

Date released
Project location
Gold Coast and Nathan digital touch screen

Project team

Dr Liz O'Brien

Liz has served as the Associate Director of Research for The Australian Rivers Institute for the last two years and prior to that she worked as a scientist, policy officer, science communicator, investor and research development manager. She is passionate about helping make science accessible to everyone and is always searching for new ways to present new knowledge.

Liz is a Senior Research Development Officer and creator of the River Catchment Simulation.

Dr Mark Kennard

Mark is a Principal Research Fellow with the Australian Rivers Institute. He does fascinating research in the ecology and biogeography of freshwater fish and develops new approaches to freshwater biodiversity and conservation planning in northern Australia as well as freshwater biomonitoring and bioassessment.

Mark is the co-creator of the River Catchment Simulation.