Rare and Threatened Species Walk

Native plants at the Gold Coast campus

At the Gold Coast campus we have over 250 native plants growing, including many that work really well in gardens. We have used this information to work with a local social enterprise Natura Pacific to produce our free new gardening app groNATIVE. This app available from iTunes and Google play provides information on 400 local native plants including those which work best in one of more than 16 garden styles. Feel free to download the app before coming on the walk.

GroNative App

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Project team

Professor Catherine Pickering

Professor Catherine Pickering is a botanist with a passion for native plants. She has over 30 years’ experiences in plant ecology, conservation, climate change and park management, with 230 publications. In addition to her research and teaching, she works with the gardeners at the university to improve the landscaping on our campuses. The success of these initiatives has been recognised in a range of forums, and was used to develop the groNATIVE app launched in February 2017.