Going Off Grid

Learn about Australia’s first teaching and research facility powered by photovoltaic arrays and hydrogen-metal hydride storage technologies to keep it off the power grid.

In this interactive 3D game, you’ll travel through the building—including into special no access areas like the roof and hydrogen storage areas—to collect information about the systems that power it. You’ll discover how much energy the building generates, what happens with the excess power, and see the difference in power on a cloudy and on a sunny day. The innovative Sir Samuel Griffith Centre opened in July 2013 and houses the Nathan Red Zone.

Project information

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Nathan projection dome

Project team

Prof. Evan Gray

Evan Gray is Professor of Sustainable Energy Technology and teaches physics at Griffith University. He is a member of the Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre. His research focuses on energy-related materials, including materials for hydrogen storage, sequestration of carbon dioxide and lithium-ion batteries.

He manages the principal node of the National Hydrogen Materials Reference Facility, which is devoted to authoritative measurements the hydrogen uptake by materials in a very wide range of temperature and hydrogen pressure. Evan applies neutron- and x-ray-beam techniques to understanding the interaction of hydrogen, CO2 and other gases with potential storage materials. A current major project is the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre.

Professor Gray was a content expert on the Sir Samuel Griffith game - Going Off Grid.

Cameron Bradley

Cameron graduated from the Griffith Film School in 2014 with a bachelor degree in games design. He began an internship working on the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre walkthrough at Nathan campus as part of his degree and remained on after the completion of the internship as a member of staff.

His interests are 3D modelling and programming. Game designer and 3D modeller for the Sir Samuel Griffith Game.

Sean Gobey

Since completing his honours degree in visual effects and animation in 2008, Sean Gobey has been working in the industry, contributing to projects such as Queensland's Old Government House Virtual Tour and The Virtual Reef. Sean has also worked for Cutting Edge visual effects house as a 3D generalist and lighting artist.

Since July 2014, Sean has been having a blast as project lead on the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre walkthrough. Game designer and 3D modeller for the Sir Samuel Griffith Game.

Geoffery McIntyre

Geoffrey McIntyre is employed by the Innovations Project Team at Griffith University as a web multimedia developer. He has worked as a programmer/front-end developer for several of the Griffith Red Zone projects, including the river catchment simulator and the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre walkthrough.

Geoffery worked as a programmer of the touch wall software interface.