The ultimate digital canvas

Digital touch screen

The Christie MicroTiles touch screens at the Gold Coast and Nathan Red Zone are the ultimate digital canvas, offering you a hands-on experience exploring Griffith University.

Meet the team

Immersive digital experience

Projection dome

At the Nathan Red Zone, you can interact with 3D animation in a five metre wide by three metre high domed projection screen, creating an immersive digital environment.

Make it rain

Augmented reality sandbox

Create mountains and valleys, and rivers and lakes in your own landscape with the augmented reality sandbox. You can mould the sand into your own catchment and watch how the water moves through the system when you make it rain.

Six metre long wave wall

Projection wave wall

At the Gold Coast Red Zone, you can interact with 3D animation on a six metre long wave wall.

On track

VR cycling simulator

Test your cycling skills and fitness in the virtual Anna Meares Stadium, which will be the home of cycling at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Combining optical microscopes with computers

Digital microscope

Digital microscopes, at the Gold Coast and Nathan Red Zones, provide an exciting new dimension to microscopy combining the power of optical microscopes with computers.