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Robust examination of public policy is needed now more than ever during these unique and challenging times. With experts across the university investigating key election issues like tourism, the economy, regional development, health and social inclusion, Griffith University is informing debate and discussion around the Queensland state election.

Our expert commentators

Griffith has a range of experts available for commentary and analysis on the 2020 Queensland state election.

Doctor Paul Williams

Expertise: Queensland politics, history, parties


Paul Williams

School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science

Dr Paul Williams is a senior lecturer in politics, journalism and public relations within Griffith University's School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science. Dr Williams is the co-editor of 'Yes, Premier' and the author of over 70 scholarly articles and book chapters on Queensland state and federal politics. His forthcoming book, 'Australian to the Bootheels', offers a leadership analysis of Liberal Prime Minister John Gorton. Dr Williams has been a columnist for the Courier Mail for almost 20 years and is a high-profile political commentator.

Professor Anne Tiernan

Expertise: Public policy, voting trends, Queensland political history


Anne Tiernan

Griffith Business School

A political scientist respected for her independent, professional and research-informed analysis of politics and public policy, Professor Anne Tiernan’s research focuses on the work of governing. Professor Tiernan's scholarly interests include Australian politics and governance, policy advice, executive studies, policy capacity, federalism and intergovernmental coordination. Professor Tiernan is also Dean, Engagement of the Griffith Business School.

Professor Peter van Onselen

Expertise: Politics, national affairs


Peter van Onselen

Griffith Business School

Professor Peter van Onselen is currently the political editor at Network Ten and also a contributing editor at The Australian. Professor van Onselen also teaches political science at Griffith University. He has been awarded a bachelor of arts with first class honours, a master of commerce, a master of policy studies and a PhD in political science. Professor van Onselen is the author or editor of six books, including four best-sellers, and is a nationally-recognised political commentator.

Professor Susan Harris Rimmer

Expertise: Gender politics


Susan Harris Rimmer

Policy Innovation Hub

Professor Susan Harris Rimmer is director of the Policy Innovation Hub at Griffith Business School and will lead Griffith's coverage of the Queensland election with a weekly panel show. Professor Harris Rimmer is engaged in female political leadership, perspectives of marginalised people on election issues, as well as COVID-19 responses, gender equality, climate justice and human rights.

Professor Juliet Pietsch

Expertise: Political behaviour, voting patterns, migration politics


Juliet Pietsch

School of Government and International Relations

Professor Juliet Pietsch is a leading scholar in the specialist fields of migration politics and political behaviour. Professor Pietsch is also Head of School, School of Government and International Relations at Griffith Business School. Juliet has been a principal investigator on the Australian Election Studies, the ANU Poll, the World Values Survey and was a lead author on the first of an ongoing series of reports entitled 'Trends in Australian political opinion: Results from the Australian Election Study.'

Doctor Ferran Martinez i Coma

Expertise: Elections in times of disruption, voting options


Ferran Martinez i Coma

School of Government and International Relations

Dr Ferran Martinez i Coma is an expert in electoral integrity, voting disruptions, political parties and electoral behaviour. Dr Martinez i Coma is currently completing an Australian Research Council Discovery project at Griffith University into how political actors shape voter turnout. He also wrote a recent case study for International IDEA on how the Electoral Commission of Queensland balanced public health concerns and the right to vote during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doctor Elise Stephenson

Expertise: Youth politics, regional politics


Elise Stephenson

Policy Innovation Hub

Dr Elise Stephenson is a post-doctoral fellow of the Policy Innovation Hub and fellow of the Griffith Asia Institute and Centre for Governance and Public Policy. Dr Stephenson is engaged in rural and regional Queensland perspectives on election issues, as well as intergenerational justice, youth representation, gender equality, domestic violence prevention, LGBTI+ inclusion, entrepreneurship and business, and international engagement.

Doctor Tracey Arklay

Expertise: Queensland politics and public policy, parliamentary and electoral studies, Queensland parliament


Tracey Arklay

School of Government and International Relations

Dr Tracey Arklay is senior lecturer in the School of Government and International Relations at Griffith University and a research fellow with Griffith’s Centre for Governance and Public Policy. Dr Arklay is the author of 'Arthur Fadden: A Political Silhouette' (Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2015) and co-author of 'The Ayes Have it: A History of the Queensland Parliament 1957-89' (ANU Press, 2010).

Jenny Menzies

Expertise: Queensland political history, government, policy, strategy

Jenny Menzies

Policy Innovation Hub

Jenny Menzies is a member of the Policy Innovation Hub at Griffith University. She has over 20 years’ experience in policy and public administration in the state and federal governments. As a senior executive within the Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Jenny developed the government’s strategic policy agenda including the 'Smart State Policy.'

Queensland Votes: Election Day Final

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