Investigations into how technologies impact musical experiences

Our researchers investigate how technologies enhance all aspects of the musical experience.

Across various research activities and outputs, this focus area champions the development and application of technologies for creating, performing, distributing and learning music.

Our key projects include the design and use of handmade electronic instruments, performance interactions with artificial musical intelligence, enhanced sonic environments, sample-based compositional practices, audio spatialisation and innovative recording studio practices.

World-class research

With the $5 million dollar IMERSD studios established just over ten years ago as its headquarters, this focus area has played a key role in both supporting and contributing to education, artistic and community projects in diverse ways. Our research in this area has been strongly supported by international partners and two Australia Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grants, amongst others.

Focus area convenor

Professor Andrew Brown

Professor Brown's research focuses on augmenting our creative intelligence through interactions with computer systems, about which he has published widely and been the winner of numerous research grants. His research interests include computational arts, algorithmic music, interactive media and education.

Music and Technology

Music and Technology at QCRC

Join Professor Andrew Brown, Convenor of the Music and Technology research area as he talks about projects and collaborations at Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre. Andrew highlights projects and collaborations including building instruments and performing with electronics.

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