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Artistic Research Symposium 2018

Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University and the University of Queensland jointly hosted The Artistic Research Symposium 27 - 30 November 2018. With leading researcher and visionary Professor Darla Crispin as keynote, the Symposium provided a platform of inventive discussions on Artistic Practice as Research to unfold.

Ethical considerations were examined, and current global issues – both social and political—were contextualised within the paradigms of research in and through music-making, rendering the event a landmark in Artistic Research in Australia.

Professor Vanessa Tomlinson convened the Symposium and was joined by Acting Head of School at UQ Associate Professor Liam Viney and HDR Candidate and singer/researcher Charulatha Mani in programming and strategising the event.

Professor Crispin, in addition to being a great sounding-board for all the six panels, assisted HDR candidates by way of a brain-storming session that addressed certain key aspects of their doctoral project.

View the videos below.

Professor Darla Crispin is electrifying the audience with her keynote address. Centralising the metaphor of ‘folds’ in artmaking, her approach interrogated those tensions that are erected at the interstices of these artistic folds that sustain within themselves cultures, societies, policies and economies.

Professor Vanessa Tomlinson and Karnatik singer/researcher Charulatha Mani enact an intercultural hybridity between rhythm and raga. Foregrounding “listening” and “sounding,” this experimental attempt bridges practices through the ethical languages of sound, sharing, and listening to one another respectfully. This session formed part of the performance-talk sessions that were curated to centralise the processes that underpin creativity in action.

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