I can't connect to

Why does myPrint report total balance not show in Australian Dollars (AUD)?

I accidentally transferred credit to the wrong person. Can I get my money back?

What is the maximum credit I can add to myPrint account?

How do I top up my printing accounting using credit or debit card?

I applied for a refund. How long does it take?

I have previously download the mobility print installer, will I need to do it again?

How long does my job stay in the print system for?

How do I check my printing transaction history?

How do I change my PIN?

How much does printing and copying cost?

How can I see my print job history?

Why do I receive "Order declined by processor." error message when trying to top-up my account through myPrint?

myPrint reports that I've been charged for two jobs when I only printed/photocopied one?

Red Kiosks

I tried to log in to the Red Kiosk but it says "Access not authorised"

Where can I see my balance on the Kiosk?

My receipt didn't print or I lost it, how can I get another receipt?


Can I use the printers to scan?

I'm a member of the public. Can I purchase a printing card?

My document didn't print. Can the Library staff print my document for me?

When I try to print on my Apple Mac Book I get the error message "Hold for authentication" in the print queue. What do I fix this?

How do I print from home?

I'm connected to the network through Eduroam. Can I still print?

What is the file limit for printing?

Why do I get the error message "Print release error: Your print jobs cannot be released because you do not have enough credit available"?

I need to copy a document but the "Copy" icon isn't showing.

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Am I able to print directly from a USB drive?