Multi-function Devices

The Papercut print system used on our Multi-function Devices, provides flexibility, security and features Find-Me-Print which allows you to retrieve your jobs from any avaiable MFD.

To securely access the Multi-function device, you can use your staff number and password, a proxy card or an allocated PIN number.

Important - All lost and missing swipe cards should be reported to Campus Life for deactivation in the print system. (Until this is done your lost card could be used to release your print jobs on the Multi-function devices.)

Introduction to Papercut and Find Me Printing PDF 

Ricoh Paper Cut Installation for OSX Computers.

Ricoh Paper Cut Installation for Ubuntu.PDF

Ricoh and Griffith Green Partnership

Aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and regularly measuring our sustainability goals, the partnership will:

  • Reduce paper use by default duplex print settings
  • Reduce power consumption (less CO2) by default sleep mode settings
  • Used toner cartridges and parts replacement recycling

Empty toner cartridge recycling methods:

  • Give the old cartridge to the mail room courier for return

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Griffith University ITSC will provide first point of contact for any service or problem resolution and escalation issues. Please call 55 555 on your internal phone system.