Access reports and helpful resources

Staircase reports (now retired) and Strategic Plan KPI reports provide annual feedback on an element's performance (school, department and research centre). The model is directly linked to the University's Strategic Plan KPIs, and has been used to cascade University level targets down to groups and elements (schools/departments/research centres). This has been done by way of differential group and element level targets, which take into account the differing levels of opportunities and circumstances surrounding each group and the elements within that group. These reports may only be viewed by members of the Griffith community.


These Staircase reports (now retired) contain data up to 2017 only, for the latest data please visit the KPI Dashboard (Staff only).

Helpful resources

Below is an array of resources to assist interpreting the report information. For any questions about the system or related policies, call Strategic and Operational Planning on extension 57814.