Discover more about the annual planning cycle

The Griffith Planning Framework provides an overview of the University’s annual planning cycle. The framework was developed following a PhillipsKPA Review of Operational Planning processes. The planning cycle depicted below occurs in line with a published annual planning and budgeting timetable. Some review stages are explained in more detail below.

Review (April–July)

The annual planning cycle begins with a strategic review of performance against the University's KPIs, at group, faculty and school/departmental level. The Vice Chancellor and DVCs (Research and Academic) meet with each of the group PVCs, and the PVCs responsible for administrative divisions, to consider areas in which there are gaps in performance relative to targets, with a view to planning and resourcing improvement actions.

Operational Planning and Budget Development (August–September)

If necessary, each group and administrative division updates its strategic plan to focus on areas where the need for improvement, identified upon review, is greatest. A group/dvisional strategic plan reflects relevant plans including the University's Strategic Plan.

Integrated Planning and Budgeting (August–December)

Once University budget allocations are finalised, groups and divisions complete their operational plans. Group and divisional plans are developed in consultation with senior managers in each of the groups and divisions. These plans implement the Group Strategic Plan, including actions designed to:

  • achieve priorities for improvement
  • assign responsibilities for implementation to specified managers
  • provide key performance indicators to evaluate progress
  • allocate budget resources in support of the Group's strategic and operational objectives.

Annual planning cycle