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What is the PSP+ ?

The PSP+ is an information portal that provides strategic data on learning and teaching, research, staff and students and other organisational activities. To provide these reports, the PSP+ uses a Business Intelligence tool that draws on data in the University’s Data Warehouse. The web-based portal allows for analysis, evaluation and visualisation of data in an electronic format.

Why have you changed the Planning and Statistics Portal into the PSP+?

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. In order for Griffith to keep up with an increasingly competitive market, we plan to advance our data visualisation functionality to allow decision making at the ‘grass roots’ level.

This will allow for enhancements in monitoring, forecasting and planning for successful delivery of the University’s vision to develop Griffith as a university of influence.

What can I do in the PSP+ ?

The PSP+ sees the introduction of Tableau, a data visualisation tool which enables you to interact with university data: quickly and easily. For the PSP+ launch, three reports have initially been replaced - KPI dashboard, Student Profile for Course and Student Profile for Program dashboards, however more reports will be converted to visually appealing dashboards throughout 2018 – 2019, with all reports converted by the end of 2019.

For the PSP legacy reports, users can still select individual reports or browse ‘packages’ of reports, which can be viewed on screen or downloaded in PDF or Excel. The self-service portal allows users to retrieve reports that show aggregated data for a wide range of university data.

Why do I need to access the PSP+ ?

The purpose of the PSP+ is to provide staff with access to a range of institutional data to assist with evidence based decisions. This decision-making can take the form of practical, immediate operational decisions to long-range strategic planning.

As the PSP+ holds a range of information about the University, appropriate controls are in place to protect information. Further details about the security of information and user responsibilities can be found in the ‘Data origin and security’ section on this page.

What are Griffith’s goals in utilising business intelligence?

The goal of the PSP+ is to efficiently fulfil reporting requirements (e.g. Statistics in Brief, Key Performance Indicators, Program Performance, and Student Success). University employees who are involved with decision-making, controlling and/or management responsibilities in their daily work are supported by the availability and usability of the data. The other main goal is to provide cleansed data, to all levels of the University, facilitating the provision of one source of truth.

Who is responsible for managing the PSP+ ?

The PSP+ is managed by the Business Intelligence team, who are part of Analytics, Planning and Data at Griffith. While the majority of reports in the PSP+ are created and maintained by Analytics, Planning and Data, some load reports are managed by the Office of Finance, such as the QTAC/UAC Simulation Reporting Dashboard and the Load and Income Dashboard.

Data origin and security

Who has access to the PSP+?

The Portal is available to all employees of Griffith as a self-service Business Intelligence tool. Users have responsibilities in relation to the appropriate use, storage and sharing of information.

What are my responsibilities when using the PSP+ and the University’s data?

The PSP+ houses a range of important information. The Information Management Sharepoint site includes a host of useful information and training for staff accessing data stored by the University. Users are required to use the information in the Planning and Statistics Portal in accordance with a range of the University's policies:

Code of Conduct, Privacy Plan, Records management policy, Vital records policy, Information Security policy, Information Security policy: Schedule A: Roles, Standards Operational Procedures, and in the Guidelines on Appropriate Use of Administrator Access to Information Resources.

Which operational systems provide data to the PSP+?

The PSP+ draws on data from the Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse extracts information from PeopleSoft (HR, Finance, and Student) and other systems and sources (such as Learning@Griffith, Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre, Student Experience Surveys, and Research), which are then reported upon in the PSP+.

How recent is the available data?

The majority of the data available on the PSP+ is updated daily from overnight snapshots of the source systems.  Most reports in the PSP+ have a 'Tell me more about this report' section which provides specific information regarding the currency of the data. If you have any queries, please contact the Business Intelligence team on

Why can’t I access certain reports?

Some reports are owned by sections outside of Analytics, Planning and Data and are therefore restricted. Where there are restrictions to access, there will be a comment in the report description in the Portal.

Help and support

Can I access data in the PSP+ without having prior experience?

The PSP+ offers staff a user-friendly portal to access relevant data for decision making. Many of the basic functions are intuitive and easy to understand. If this is your first time accessing the PSP+, it is suggested to register for one of our training sessions which covers basic access to the PSP+ or you can access a range of resources, including quick reference guides, how-to-videos and report specific information sheets on our Self-help and training resources page.

Is there an online course I can take to get to know the PSP+ in a few quick steps?

An online introductory course is currently being developed and will be released in September.You can still access a range of short how-to videos and an online course for help using PSP legacy reports.

How can I learn more about using the PSP+?

There are a range of training options and resources available to support you using the PSP+. You can view details of available training sessions here. Please visit our self-help and training resources page for more information. As PSP legacy reports are converted into new dashboards in the PSP+, additional resources will be added to this page. If you need help at any time, you can contact one of our dedicated support team directly from the PSP+ website via Live chat (Monday to Friday), email: or telephone extension 57306.

I have questions or problems relating to the PSP+. Who do I contact?

If you have any questions relating to the PSP+, you can contact one of dedicated support team directly from the PSP+ website via Live chat (Monday to Friday), email: or telephone extension 57306.

How can I give the Business Intelligence team feedback for reports or data?

The Business Intelligence team welcomes feedback on all aspects of the PSP+ via email: or telephone extension 57306.

Is there an e-newsletter that inform users about relevant new developments in the PSP+?

There is a quarterly e-newsletter brought to you by Analytics, Planning and Data. Focus on OPS is about information and knowledge sharing, enabling expertise to be leveraged across Griffith by building staff awareness of the tools, services and products available to support you. As a subscriber, users are alerted to improvements and developments in the PSP+. Click here to subscribe.

Using the PSP+

What if I don't know where to look for the information I need?

The Report Profiles page provides detailed information on the range of reports available in the PSP+. You can also contact our BI team via Live chat (Monday to Friday) from the PSP+ web page, email: or call ext. 57306.

I still need access to the PSP legacy reports. How do I access them?

Accessing PSP legacy reports is simple. Navigate to the PSP+ web page and click on the link for the report you are interested in. As we will progressively be migrating PSP legacy reports into Tableau dashboards, we encourage you to minimise using bookmarks to go directly to reports, and instead navigate using the PSP+ web page.

When I am running a PSP legacy report, how do I get back to the prompt screen to change the specifications of the report I have just run?

If you have run a PSP legacy report and would like to go back and change the specifications, such as Group, School, campus etc., select the Play button on the top left of the page, and choose the last option ‘Reset prompts and run’. This will take you back to the prompt screen and allow you to change the specifications and re-run the report using the new specifications.

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