About Strategic and Operational Planning

The Strategic and Operational Planning team plays a key role in the coordination of the University's planning activities, including Griffith's annual planning cycle, the provision of all planning data and support to clients and stakeholders.


Biannual feedback is published to the University through Staircase Reports (now retired) and the KPI Dashboard (Staff only), providing elements (schools, departments and research centres) with a mechanism for monitoring performance and identifying areas for action, with respect to governance, human resources, learning and teaching and community engagement. These reports provide valuable insights into the element's key strengths and significant areas for improvement, allowing for future planning of tailored indicators and element-specific targets.

A streamlined approach to planning allows the University to respond to an increasingly competitive and changing environment at the individual, group, and whole-of-organisation level.


The Griffith 2020 direction statement provides the overarching strategic agenda for the University. The Strategic Plan 2018–2019 progresses these aspirations with five high-level goals. Here is a snapshot of these goals:

  • To provide an excellent educational experience.
  • To continuously improve our research performance.
  • To attract and retain excellent staff.
  • To be a sustainable university.
  • To enhance engagement with the Asia-Pacific region.

Strategic Plan 2018–2019


The Griffith Planning Framework (Staff only) has been developed to ensure all levels of the University, organisational effort and resources are focused on advancing Griffith's vision, mission and strategic goals.

The framework incorporates:

  • a five-year strategic planning cycle
  • an annual operational planning and budget cycle.

The Griffith Planning Framework (Staff only) provides for three tiers of interlocking plans that support the cascading of the Strategic Plan goals and strategies throughout the University:

The Group Strategic and Operational Plans are in turn supported by Strategic and Staircase Model KPIs at element (school, department and research centre) level for end-to-end planning and performance management.

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