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The Data and Technology team is responsible for building and operating the University Data Warehouse and Data Lake; as well as managing data governance and data acquisition for the Data Warehouse. Find out more about these processes below.

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse is a central repository where data is stored and used for reporting and analysis purposes. The Data Warehouse combines and transforms data into valuable information, which helps us to uncover meaningful relationships between the data.

Data Lake

A Data Lake is similar to the Data Warehouse in that it is a large storage repository that can hold a vast amount of data. However, the value of the Data Lake is that it can hold raw data in its native format. This allows analysts to connect large and disparate datasets together to perform deeper and more meaningful analysis, which may otherwise be impossible.

Data Acquisition

The Data Warehouse currently holds information on student outcomes for learning and teaching, research and staff data, but houses limited data from the large number of business areas and systems across the University.
The Data and Technology team is working to acquire data from these areas to mature the Data Warehouse to become a true Enterprise Data Warehouse, allowing stakeholders to perform integrated operational reporting and 'what if' scenario-based analytics.

The Data Warehouse process

The Data and Technology team works closely with the Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence teams to deliver meaningful and useful information that supports evidence-based decision making. The Data Warehouse provides the crucial foundation on which information and analytics is delivered by Analytics, Planning and Data. An overview of the Data Warehouse process is illustrated below.

diagram of the data warehouse process

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