Key Statistics20132014201520162017
Student Load (EFTSL) 31,902 33,058 33,853 33,723 35,036
% Postgraduate incl. HDR (EFTSL) 17% 18% 18% 19% 18%
% Undergraduate (EFTSL) 81% 79% 80% 78% 80%
Student Numbers 43,151 45,296 46,017 46,503 47,260
% International Enrolments 21% 20% 19% 19% 18%
% Female Enrolments 58% 57% 57% 58% 58%
% Commencing Enrolments 42% 43% 41% 41% 41%
Staff (FTE) 4,461 4,408 4,487 4,530 4,488
Program Completions 10,893 10,806 10,591 10,809 10,682

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Unless otherwise indicated, the institutional statistics accessible from this page are based on the University's official statistical returns to the Commonwealth Government. The annual reference date for student enrolment and staff statistics is 31 March. Figures are based on data from 1 January to 31 December.

Student Numbers refers to a count of students based on their primary program of enrolment. Cross-institutional students are excluded.

A student is a commencing student if she/he has enrolled in the program for the first time at Griffith University between 1 January of the Collection Year and 31 December of the Collection Year.

Equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL) value represents the student load for a course or part of a course, expressed as a proportion of the workload for a standard annual full-time credit point load for the student's program.

Completions refers to a count of award programs completed by students in the academic year.

FTE refers to staff resources available for a function being performed by a staff member in respect of their current duties, expressed in terms of full-time equivalence (e.g. a staff member performing half the amount of duties for a full-time staff in that position is coded as 0.5 FTE). Figures are based on data for: Full-time/fractional full-time staff as at 31 March and actual casual staff for the whole year.

In 2010, Griffith began a regular process of revising historical data these reports reflect changes made due to these revisions in February 2011.

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