What is Business Intelligence?

The Business Intelligence team visualises descriptive analytics to transform Griffith’s data into meaningful information for our internal and external stakeholders. This information is published on the PSP+. Additional data is also available through our strategic data provision service known as "stats requests". Stakeholders, such as the Federal Government receive reports and data for the Equivalent Full Time Student Load (EFTSL) and Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) debt information, which is used to determine funding payable to the University, student Centrelink eligibility and HELP repayments. The Business Intelligence team also manages compliance and performance submissions to the Federal Government, which serves as a quality assurance and outcomes mechanism for the University.

About the team

The Business Intelligence team provides diagnostic reporting and trend analysis, and publishes dashboards and reports on the PSP+.


The PSP+ is an information portal on learning and teaching, research, staff and students, and other organisational information. Find out more about the PSP+, what it holds and your responsibilities.

Need additional information?

If you cannot find the information you need, data is available to staff and external stakeholders through submission of a Statistical Requests form.

Get in touch

Email the Business Intelligence team to discover more about what we do and how to use the PSP+.

Did you know you can access a number of higher education datasets which can provide Australian Government Department of Education and Training logoadditional information to support planning activities?

Department of Education and Training publishes half and full-year data. You can access a range of datasets including: full year summary data, infographics, student data by institution, equity groups and performance data; attrition, success and retention data.

You can also interact with published data via the Department of Education and Training Higher Education Information Management System (HEIMS), known as uCube.