We are committed to the protection and security of University data

Analytics, Planning and Data collects, stores, accesses and secures all data in accordance with the Information Management Framework and relevant University policies and procedures. Griffith's digital infrastructure has end-to-end encryption, authentication and access controls to ensure the integrity of data.

This security includes:

  • securing information on the Planning and Statistics Portal by Griffith’s single sign-on using a staff s-number
  • additional security that has been added to confidential or commercial-in-confidence reporting for specific functions or departments
  • locking down reports, folders or entire suites to be locked down to selected contact lists at data owners' requests
  • investigating the use of role-based reporting access to allow more customised access to relevant reporting.

The framework encourages the effective stewardship of data to better assist the University to meet its strategic objectives.

Diagram of information management principles

Privacy practices

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