A Griffith business graduate who harnessed the technological expertise of Griffith researchers for his line of wearable fitness trackers has sold his company, Jaybird, for $US95 million to Logitech.

One of the world’s largest sellers of wireless audio wearables for sports and active lifestyles, Jaybird was founded by CEO Judd Armstrong, who graduated from Griffith with an international business degree in 2006.

The Reign activity tracker is one of the company’s key products, with technology by Griffith’s SABEL Labs at its core.

A commercially focused research lab at Griffith University, SABEL Labs specialises in technology for sports and health applications, with clients including elite Australian sporting organisations.

Judd says the Griffith-developed wearable technology was integral to the development of Reign.

Griffith has been working with elite athletes for a long, long time. So we took some of their technology and rolled that into a consumer product.

Judd Armstrong

Jaybird Founder

"It was great to have Griffith, through SABEL , on board for the project," he says.

Judd says the Reign activity tracker has three main functions, including recognising the body’s readiness for activity.

"The first is to measure your life by activity and sport, which serves as a good motivator. The second is a sleep monitor that tells you how much sleep you will need in order to be rested and ready for tomorrow. The third is what we call the Go-Zone, which actually reads your body and knows when it wants to be active" he says.

SABEL ’s work continues to expand since being created to meet the growing adoption of technology in sport and biomedical industries.

Its interdisciplinary team of scientists has expertise in biomedical engineering, sport engineering, human factors, physiology, microelectronic engineering, wireless networking and information systems.

The University’s commercialisation and technology transfer office, Griffith Enterprise, assisted with structuring SABEL for further commercial engagement.

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