Option 1

Unit Fine Process

Pay your infringement by the due date.

Half unit

Infringement process – half unit

One unit

Infringement process – one unit

Option 2

Election for court

You have the right to have this matter dealt with by a Magistrates Court. Should you wish to elect for a court hearing to have the matter heard by a Magistrates Court, your Election for Court must be completed on the reverse side of the infringement and and mailed to 170 Kessels Road, Nathan, QLD, 4111 for attention of the "Parking Section, Campus Life" prior to the due date.

Upon receipt of a mailed court election, the Parking department will suspend the infringement until the matter is resolved.  Please be aware if this matter should proceed to Court you may be liable for additional costs, including costs of the proceedings in addition to the amount set out on the Notice of Alleged Breach ticket.

Option 3

Request the withdrawal of an infringement notice

In order to ensure all details of your request to dispute an infringement notice are provided you are required to complete an infringement notice withdrawal request. This request form must be submitted prior to the infringement notice due date. After this date your request may not be considered.

The University may consider withdrawal of an infringement notice if you can demonstrate any of the following occurred at the time of offence:

  • Your vehicle broke down and you were unable to move it to a legal position
  • You were involved in a medical emergency
  • You were issued an infringement notice as the registered owner of a vehicle, that at the time of the offence the vehicle had been sold or stolen, or was under the (permitted) control of another person
  • Regulatory signs had been removed or damaged (photographic evidence is required)
  • You were issued the infringement notice in error

You will need to provide supporting documentation of any of the above reasons with your request. In the event you are requesting a withdrawal on the basis that you were not the driver at the time of the offence, you will need to provide a statutory declaration to that extent.

Statutory declaration from Courts Queensland

In most circumstances infringement notices will not be withdrawn for the following reasons:

  • Financial hardship
  • Being unaware of the law or not seeing a sign
  • Disagreeing with the law (you may feel that the offence for which the infringement notice has been issued is trivial or did not cause a problem to anyone)
  • Not having adequate coins for any meter
  • Stopping in a restricted zone/disabled bay/University bay only briefly
  • Not paying for the time your vehicle was on campus
  • Where more than one of the vehicles registered to your virtual permit was on a Griffith University campus

What if I don't act?

There are serious consequences if you do not pay your debt on time.

If an unpaid debt is transferred to SPER they will issue an enforcement order.

If you receive an enforcement order but do not act on it by the due date, SPER may take one or more of the following enforcement actions against you:

  • Fine collection from your wages or bank account
  • Suspend your driver's licence
  • Register an interest over your property
  • Immobilise your vehicle
  • Seize and sell your property

Parking infringement

Pay the infringement notice in full

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