Join us and discover how you can create engaging online learning environments for your students.

These courses will empower you to infuse your students’ learning with rich conversation and meaningful assessment.

Be part of our growing Digital Campus

Over 20,000 Griffith University students have completed at least one online course, and 11,000 students are studying fully online. In fact, our Digital Campus is Griffith’s third largest campus.

Prepare yourself to be a part of this fast-growing area of teaching with our collection of Teach Online short courses.

Choose to enrol in any or all of these courses:

  • Conversation Matters - explore how you can create a rich learning community using a variety of tools and strategies
  • Assessment Matters - discover how to design assessments that students value
  • Design Matters - align essential course elements to create potent learning environments


Teach Online: Conversation Matters

Learn proven strategies to create rich conversations and active learning communities.

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Teach Online: Assessment Matters

Discover how to design online assessment that students value now and into the future.

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Teach Online: Design Matters

Apply design principles to create learning experiences that matter to your students.

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Gain transferable skills grounded in Griffith context

These courses are part of Griffith’s professional development program for educators and have been developed by Griffith Online in consultation with Learning Futures. Find out more about Learning Futures Professional Development program.

Who can do these courses?

All Griffith staff are welcome to join these courses for free, including sessional staff not currently working under a contract. Your sign-up does not rely on a Griffith University email address or staff number.

When do the courses run?

Each course opens with one week of intensive facilitation, which includes a live webinar. Once enrolled, you will continue to have access to the courses indefinitely, and you can enrol after courses have started. Facilitators will pop into discussions even after the first week of facilitation has ended.

Our approach to these courses is designed to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs.

  • You can enrol and complete any of the three courses when it suits you
  • We also have 'facilitation weeks', when Griffith Online staff are involved in the discussions, and you can expect more engagement in the courses
  • One-hour webinars are offered as optional activities - it is your choice whether to join live, listen to the recording, or simply complete the course
  • You can opt to complete the short online test at the end of each course to gain a certificate of achievement - a valuable addition for your professional portfolio.
  • Each course is designed to take only 4 hours to complete.

Facilitation weeks and webinars are held for each course. To find out more see Teach Online Events.


You might be doing these courses purely for the learning experience, but you also have the opportunity to gain a Certificate of Achievement - a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.

Teaching online is an increasingly desirable skillset, recognised in the Griffith Learning and Teaching Capabilities Framework and by the Advance Higher Education. Learning Futures is seeking HEA Associate Fellowship accreditation for a professional development program that includes Teach Online as an optional component.

Your time commitment

This is really up to you. You can enrol and browse the course material to gain valuable tips, or you can spend 3 to 4 hours completing all activities and assessment within each course.